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Hoffman Estates

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    Hoffman Estates Real Estate

    Hoffman Estates boasts some of the best real estate values in the Chicago suburbs. Since it is newer than and not as well-known as many of the neighboring towns, it's not uncommon for homebuyers to find comparable properties here for significantly less than in, say, Schaumburg. If you ask anyone who lives in Hoffman Estates, What characterizes the neighborhoods and general atmosphere of the town? They'll point to the sprawling, grassy lawns and the rows of large, leafy trees that give the region its attractive allure and tell you about the casual nature of Hoffman Estates residents, which provides a sense of community and kinship among locals.

    Because Hoffman Estates has only been around since the middle of the 20th century, most of the properties are relatively modern, and many of the homes on the market are new constructions. Several subdivisions have recently emerged with elegant, yet affordable homes springing up along the planned residential streets. As a family community, a good portion of the residences in Hoffman Estates are on the larger side, most with three or more bedrooms. Homes feature attached, two-car garages more often than not, and swimming pools are commonplace in this Chicago suburb.

    The small section of older residences in Hoffman Estates is mainly one-story homes, split-levels or ranches with big backyards, attached, one-car garages and beautiful, towering trees shading the property. These houses are found on wide, sidewalk-lined lanes that wind around the subdivisions, offering residents a safe, low-traffic environment to raise kids. The rest of the neighborhoods in Hoffman Estates follow the same layout, with protected residential streets that meander through wooded areas and surrounding the sweeping green expanses of the golf courses. Once you hit the upper $300,000s, homebuyers start to see slightly newer homes (built within the 15-20 years) that have often been upgrades with luxury amenities and modern appliances. But, the true new constructions in Hoffman Estates start in the $400,000s, for the most part, and offer homeowners the best in upmarket amenities, for excellent prices.

    In Hoffman Estates, the average sale price for a detached, three-bedroom home is just under $300,000. Four bedroom houses, which are very common, have an average sale price of around $400,000 and five bedrooms or more puts the average price at about $417,000. While this area is generally occupied with detached, single-family homes, there are definitely great condo and townhouse options that will make families, couples or singles feel right at home. Average sale prices for a two-bedroom unit falls in the upper $100,000s and a three-bedroom place will put average prices in the low to mid $200,000s.

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