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    Evanston Real Estate

    As in any Chicago suburb, Evanston has a diverse spectrum of residential real estate options. However, the lakefront location and prestigious Northwestern University give this northern Chicago town something special that has attracted homebuyers for over a century.

    Evanston, Illinois is considered a fairly well-to-do community that holds a higher standard of living than your average town. Large single-family houses rising from green grass lots are commonplace here. In fact, there are Evanston neighborhoods where every home is as big as a mansion. Residential streets are shaded by a canopy of towering trees and individual properties boast beautifully landscaped yards, both front and back. The variety of architectural styles in Evanston is one of the reasons the area is so appealing. No cookie-cutter subdivisions here, each block is different from the next. Homebuyers will discover everything from traditional homes to modern designs along these leafy, sidewalk-lined avenues. Sometimes the trickiest part for potential residents is narrowing it down to the place you like the best!

    Of course, price is often a good decider when buying real estate-no matter what part of Illinois you're looking in. In Evanston, the home values tend to be more upmarket, but there are plenty of very nice brick ranches, split-levels, and mid-century residences for under $350,000. These homes may not have state-of-the-art amenities or granite kitchen countertops, but they are great properties, especially for first-time buyers and young families, especially because most of the real estate in Evanston offers private yards and garages. Not to mention you'd be living in one of the most desirable locations in the state.

    On the other hand, if you are a homebuyer with a million-dollar+ budget, you are apt to find quite a few breathtaking properties that fit the bill. Sprawling houses, sometimes with as many as seven or eight bedrooms, come in every shape and style in Evanston. Get classic floor plans with pillared entranceways and hardwood staircases, or go for the more contemporary look with open layouts and skylights. The middle of the road in Evanston real estate is gorgeous older homes with vintage charm and unique designs, and new construction or renovated residences with upgraded features and interior finishes. These types of houses are generally listed for between $550,000 and $999,000.

    There is also a big market for condominiums and townhouses in Evanston. These lower maintenance options are ideal for couples looking to downsize after the kids are grown or anyone who wants to limit the amount of yard work they need to do. The price range for attached properties in Evanston runs from $100,000 to over a million dollars, so you can imagine the available units present a wide choice in size, style and amenities.

    In Evanston, the average sale price for a detached two-bedroom home is around $367,000; for a three-bedroom the average price goes up to about $484,000; and for four or more bedrooms in Evanston, real estate sells for around $814,000, on average. Homebuyers looking for a home that requires a little less upkeep can get just what they want in a one-bedroom condo for around $280,000 or a two-bedroom unit for $292,000, on average. Many condominiums and townhouses in Evanston offer three-bedroom places that sell for around $423,000, on average.

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