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Downers Grove

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    49302 average Sale Price
    651 number of Sales
    16 one year price change
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    Downers Grove Real Estate

    The housing stock in Downers Grove reflects its residents: it's extremely diverse and has something to offer families of different sizes and incomes. A large majority (about 80%) of the homes in Downers Grove are single-family detached houses and about 75 percent of these residences are owner-occupied.

    Downers Grove homeowners have the option of living in Downers Grove's charming downtown or further out, in a more remote setting with larger lots and vintage houses. There are scores of historic, tree-shaded homes in Downers Grove, as well as hundreds of new construction developments, so no matter what your tastes, you'll find real estate in this Chicago suburb that suits your preferences and needs.

    On average, detached two-bedroom homes in Downers Grove, Illinois sells for approximately $265,000; three-bedroom houses go for around $350,000; and four or more bedrooms will increase the average sale price up to about $580,000. A decent portion of the detached, single-family real estate in Downers Grove is valued at over a million dollars. Many of these properties are large, new construction two-stories with four to six bedrooms, landscaped lots, upmarket upgrades, and attached garages, easily big enough for three vehicles. On the other end of the Downers Grove real estate price range are smaller frame houses and brick ranches that start in the low to mid $200,000s for a two- or three-bedroom place. The majority of these residences have an older style and you're not likely to find granite countertops in the kitchens, but there's enough space to raise your brood and the additional grass-covered private yards are a big bonus that attracts many first-time homeowners and young families.

    In addition to the good supply of detached single-family homes in Downers Grove, the residential real estate scene here offers homebuyers some very nice attached living options as well. It's tough to find a condo unit in this Chicago suburb for under $100,000, but there are several one-bedrooms available for less than $130,000. Two-bedroom units will generally run between the mid $100,000s and $700,000. Such a large price range means homebuyers have a lot of variance in size, amenities and style to choose from. You can purchase anything from sophisticated, new construction townhouses with vaulted ceilings and hardwood flooring throughout to plain, apartment-like digs in an older building with limited modern finishes. The average sale price for a one-bedroom unit in Downers Grove is around $125,000, for a two-bedroom it's $175,000, and three-bedrooms go for around $265,000, on average.

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