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Bannockburn history

Bannockburn is a small Chicago suburb near the northern border of Illinois with a population of about 1,600. It was originally settled in the 1920s by a developer who wanted to use the land as a private residential hamlet for members of his country club and bridge group. The homes were built on minimum one-acre lots (a standard that was later doubled to two acres).

Because of its location near the Tri-State Tollway (I-94), Bannockburn became a convenient home for commuters. Residents did not want commercial business to interrupt their peaceful way of life, but they weren't opposed to another source of income to help offset rising property taxes. A few corporate parks were constructed on the suburb's north side and the area around Route 22 became the village's first commercially zoned district in 1984. A city hall was added in 1992 and there is still only one school in Bannockburn.

For the most part, Bannockburn is crisscrossed by long, winding drives dotted with exclusive estates and sprawling properties. In fact, the area is known for its extremely high real estate values which stretch into the multi-million dollar price bracket. A number of famous sports personalities have owned homes in Bannockburn, including adored Bears coach Mike Ditka.

1230357 average Sale Price
2301 number of Sales
7 one year price change
N/A price change since 94

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Bannockburn Real Estate

The two-square-mile Village of Bannockburn is a relatively new community and the homes reflect its age. Most residential real estate was built since 1990 and provides high-end, luxury options just 25 miles northwest of the Windy City. Bannockburn is an elite Chicago suburb, characterized by gigantic mansions and stately single-family homes. Residential real estate ranges from $600,000 to $5 million, with an average sale price of over a million dollars.

Some sections of Bannockburn are more neighborhoody, with a cluster of residences together on one block. The properties still offer over-sized lots, spacious homes, and maximum luxury living, but instill that sense of community comfort associated with American suburbia.

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