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Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights history

The earliest recorded history we have of Arlington Heights is the area's first land purchases, which took place in 1835, made mainly by eastern settlers. Like most Chicago suburbs, settlement and development were relatively slow until commuter trains connected Arlington Heights with the rest of the world. In 1853 a local resident named William Dunton managed to convince the Illinois & Wisconsin Railroad to make a stop in the town, which for convenience sake (and for no self-serving purpose whatsoever) he named Dunton. The Civil War era saw a general rise in the region's German population and by the late 1860s most of the area was inhabited by German farmers.

Arlington Heights was incorporated in 1887 with a population of roughly 1,000 people. The town was still an agrarian community, but after its incorporation it started to attract craftsmen and people that worked in Chicago. Over the next several decades the building of the Arlington Park horse racetrack created quite a stir for the small town settlement. The track, for which the town became nationally and internationally known, opened in 1927 with 20,000 spectators in attendance for the first race. The track set the standard for modern horse racing on many fronts, including its PA system, photo finish camera and closed circuit TV system. Arlington was even host to the world's first million-dollar race in 1981.

Arlington Heights experienced its biggest growth in the 1950s and '60s when American suburbs had their rise with the popularization of passenger cars, which had recently become an affordable and fashionable means of transportation. The size of Arlington Heights in square miles swelled several times between 1950 and 1970, and the town's population increased proportionately. Even after its borders ceased to expand, the city's population continued to climb, nearly tripling from around 28,000 in 1960 to more than 76,000 in 2000.

Now, Arlington Heights is one of the most desirable and popular Chicago suburbs. The village recently experienced a boom in condo development, which resulted both from the success enjoyed by the Arlington Heights central business district and from the recent boom in home and condo construction. It is the largest community in the far northwest suburbs.

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Arlington Heights Real Estate

The real estate landscape in Arlington Heights is defined by its open, casual atmosphere. Families flock to Arlington Heights, Illinois for its excellent schools, thriving commercial sector and convenient proximity to Chicago. What's more, families find an unparalleled real estate market in this attractive suburban setting.

The thing that really sets Arlington Heights apart from other Chicago suburbs is the impressive range of properties available in this Illinois town. Homes scaling a wide spectrum of size and price fit the needs of both small and large families with all sorts of budgets. Most of the homes in Arlington Heights feature large front and back yards with grassy lawns that are great for pets and young children.

On average, two-bedroom, detached real estate in Arlington Heights sells for around $325,000; three-bedroom homes go for about $375,000; and four or more bedrooms will jump the average sale price up to approximately $548,000. There are several detached, single-family homes valued at over a million dollars in Arlington Heights. Most of these properties are grand, new construction two-stories with four to six bedrooms, sprawling lots and multiple-car attached garages. On the other end of the price line are well-kept, brick ranches and older, one-story frame houses that start around $250,000 for a two-bedroom. You'll find many of these residences do not have updated kitchens or renovated interiors, but they generally have good-sized properties with plenty of space to make improvements or expansions.

The residential real estate in Arlington Heights offers homebuyers attached living options, in addition to the large inventory of detached, single-family homes. Condominium units here start at around $80,000 for a one-bedroom and there is a selection of two-bedrooms available in the low $100,000s. On the upper end, you'll get elegant, upmarket condos and townhouses with two-car garages and fully upgraded amenities and finishes for anywhere from $500,000 to $900,000 or $1 million+. The average sale price for a one-bedroom unit in Arlington Heights is around $150,000, for a two-bedroom it's $210,00, and three-bedrooms go for around $300,000, on average.

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