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Antioch history

Traces of the Pottawatomi Indians, who inhabited the land in Illinois before it was settled by Europeans, are still found in present day Antioch. For example, Highway 173 was a former Native American foot trail that is now a major artery of transportation for Antioch locals and other suburban Chicago residents.

Following the Civil War, families of English and German heritage moved into the region where Antioch now stands. They cultivated the land and set up shops. The ensuing years saw a rise in vacationers from Chicago coming to Antioch, especially after a rail line was installed in the mid-1880s, connecting the resort town to the city. Hotels and boarding houses popped up to accommodate the influx of travelers. Unfortunately, a series of fires around the turn of the century destroyed a large part of the downtown. But the resilient townspeople rebuilt, this time using brick.

The community grew as industry emerged on the scene. Today, a good percentage of Antioch's 13,000 residents are employed outside the village limits, which is located just south of the Wisconsin border. Many take the commuter train to Chicago for work, which has prompted a surge of commercial expansion in the area around the station. Other pockets of development, both business and residential, have sprouted up along Route 173. The heavily-traveled corridor is a main contributor to Antioch's expansion, however, the quaint downtown strip is also a lively retail center with boutiques, antique shops and restaurants.

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Antioch Real Estate

Waterfront property is the most coveted real estate in Antioch, Illinois. There are several lakes in the vicinity and it's the homes with water rights that sell for top dollar. These gorgeous lake houses have prices anywhere from $500,000 to $975,000 and vary in architectural style from vintage frame homes to new construction designs with vaulted ceilings and state-of-the-art features. Some upmarket properties in Antioch are not on a lake, but have extensive grounds and out buildings, such as stables, that offer residents a different type of recreational appeal.

Even in the more developed neighborhoods of Antioch the lots offer homeowners sprawling yards and lush vegetation that gives the impression of a secluded vacation house. Residences here are reasonably spread out from own another with trees and bushes growing along the property lines to provide that added sense of privacy from next door neighbors.

Prices for detached single-family homes in Antioch range from $90,000 (for a small one-story with cute front porch and old-fashioned charm) to $900,000 (for a large waterfront home with dock and gorgeous lake views). Condos and townhouses are generally available for prices between $150,000 and $390,000, and there are some townhome communities with water access and mini-harbors right outside your back door.

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