Did you know that Illinois law requires Sellers to complete a Residential Real Property Disclosure Report?

The law allows buyers to walk away from a transaction at any time if they did not receive proper disclosures! Sellers may subject to liability after the home is sold. We'll be happy to mail you the paperwork you need ... all we ask is that you kindly consider us should you decide to retain a professional.

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Chicago For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Information

Some homeowners choose to go it alone when selling a Chicago home, however many eventually decide to go with a Chicago Realtor after their home is still on the market months or even years later.

In a real estate market as big and broad as Chicago there are so many obstacles facing property owners. Selling alone may appear to save money in the beginning, but it actually ends up costing more.

What expenses you avoid by not hiring an agent are eaten up in your time dealing with marketing and showings, and often a lower sale price. Buyers equate that "For Sale By Owner" sign with a non-professional who can easily be negotiated down.

Not worried about haggling with buyers over price and have plenty of free time to show your property? You're ahead of the game! But what about the legalities involved in selling a home? As a Chicago For Sale By Owner entrepreneur, you've got to be familiar with essential legal aspects such as contract conditions, title transfers, escrow accounts, disclosure rules and even equal housing laws.

How a Dream Town Realtor Can Help

Your Dream Town seller's agent is an experienced professional who will not only help protect you from legal ramifications and inadequate offers, but can market your home. This creates better positioning with target consumers and a shorter listing period. Dream Town can also assist you with determining the value of your home. This valuable data will enable you to maximize your home sale profit.


There are over 120,000 property listings in the Chicago real estate market. Unless your home is really something special, you have to market that property where potential buyers are apt to look. Today it's on the Internet.

Almost 85% of homebuyers begin their home search online. We can guarantee your listing a prime spot on Dream Town's top-ranked website, right in front of thousands of qualified buyers—something your lone "For Sale By Owner" sign would struggle to accomplish.

As an FSBO, any advertising you is out-of-pocket. A single classified ad in the local newspaper can easily amount to hundreds of dollars. However, Dream Town agents get great frequent-submitter discounts that they relay to clients, allowing you much more exposure for a much lower cost.

Sale Price

If you don't price your home right, no amount of advertising will produce a sale. Again, working with an experienced Dream Town agent who is familiar with the local market will make a big difference.

Many Chicago For Sale By Owners don't properly research their area and end up listing their home for either too much or too little. With expert guidance and access to other nearby listings and sale prices, you can make sure you comparatively price your property. Buyers are savvy these days and have a lot of options. If something isn't appropriately priced, they'll know, and they'll keep looking.

When it comes time to negotiate a contract, having a Dream Town agent on your side will protect you from low-ball offers or unfavorable deals that you might otherwise accept. Conversely, an agent can objectively consider an offer that you may deem unworthy because of your personal (many times subconscious) attachment to your home. In either case, having a third-party, professional point of view is a valuable advantage to the seller.

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