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Wrightwood Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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Located on the southwest edge of the city, Wrightwood is a diverse middle-class neighborhood of manicured lawns and yellow-brick bungalows that was recently cited by The New York Times as a model for successful, harmonious integration in an urban setting. Much like other parts of Chicago, in Wrightwood businesses and restaurants are concentrated mainly along the neighborhood's major thoroughfares, while the rest of community is filled with neat residential blocks. Affordable housing has long made Wrightwood an attractive place to set up housekeeping, and the variety of architectural styles make sure every homeowner gets exactly what they are looking for in a home. The neighborhood's public park is an added bonus for those who like to indulge in outdoor recreation and appreciate a little breathing room. There is even an indoor swimming pool on hand for Wrightwood resident of all ages to enjoy.

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Wrightwood Real Estate

Wrightwood is very much a residential district. Much like other parts of town, you’ll encounter businesses and restaurants mainly along the neighborhood’s major thoroughfares, so as not to detract from the area’s quiet, homey quality found down the side streets. For the most part single-story brick bungalows and ranches dominate, though you’ll notice a greater variation in home styles here than in many a southwest side Chicago neighborhood. Green yards, towering trees and wide sidewalks embrace the lots throughout, attracting many families to the region.

Wrightwood homes are well-maintained and offer residents a suburban-like setting to raise kids, buy a first home, or just live outside the congested blocks of Chicago’s city center. Two-story brick houses, raised ranches, classic bungalows, adorable frame homes, and split-levels line the peaceful neighborhood avenues, most with one-car garages in the back. While some sections of Wrightwood sustain the typical alley access to garages found in many Chicago neighborhoods, much of the community boasts side driveways that give the area a subdivision feel. Certain streets even form cul-de-sac-like circles were houses fan around, creating quiet pockets of serene existence just minutes from busy roads and commercial buildings.

Affordable housing has long made Wrightwood an attractive place to set up housekeeping, with prices for single-family detached properties ranging from $100,000 (for a three-bedroom ranch) to $300,000 (for a newer model two-story house with four bedrooms). And generally speaking, the average sales price for a three-bedroom home in Wrightwood is only around $200,000. Low-rise apartment buildings and condominiums are limited to the neighborhood’s main roads which include Kedzie Avenue and 87th Street. One-bedroom units with a street parking space start around $70,000, but the two-bedroom places range between $82,000 and $132,000.
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