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West Morgan Park Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know West Morgan Park

This small south side haven of residential streets and Prairie-style bungalows offer Chicago families comfort and space, with access to the excitement of the city yet removed from the hustle bustle. Real estate in West Morgan Park varies from quaint redbrick bungalows to good-sized two-story Colonials. The few residential buildings in the neighborhood are limited to older courtyard condos and low-rise multi-unit structures. Retail business in West Morgan Park holds to antique treasures and vintage furnishings sold in quirky shops. And whether you have Irish blood or not, it's hard to ignore Chicago's strong Irish roots in West Morgan Park, seeing as the annual South Side St. Patty's Day Parade comes right through the neighborhood each year.

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West Morgan Park Real Estate

Among the healthy green grass lots and shady tree-lined streets, there is a variety of affordable and attractive housing stock in West Morgan Park that suits the needs and interests of Chicagoans from all walks of life.

This southwest side neighborhood is predominantly residential with some multi-unit condos and older brick apartment buildings, but mostly you’ll find rows of well-kept single-family homes with front porches, manicured yards and back alley garages. The type of real estate in West Morgan Park ranges from good-sized two-story Colonials to quaint redbrick bungalows. The few residential buildings in the area are limited to low-rise condominiums and vintage courtyard apartments.

The average sales price for a two- or three-bedroom condo or attached housing unit in the West Morgan Park neighborhood is around $214,000. You can find a place for as low as $135,000, however, the higher-end reaches into the low $300,000s. For a three-bedroom single-family detached home, the average sales price is approximately $290,000 in West Morgan Park. If you are looking for something larger, with more bedrooms, the average price goes up to around $420,000. There are spacious four- and five-bedroom properties for as low as $325,000 in the neighborhood, but some of these sizeable homes are valued at closer to $530,000.

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