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West Humboldt Park Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know West Humboldt Park

A small up-and-coming, family-oriented area just west of spacious Humboldt Park, this primarily residential neighborhood mixes greenery and old homes with a splash of small businesses. As in many areas of Chicago, West Humboldt Park is a conventional development of detached, brick houses set off from the street by green grass lawns and long stretches of concrete sidewalks. Out on the major avenues, West Humboldt Parkers partake in delicious local menus at the dozen or so taquerias, pizza joints and sandwich shops in the vicinity. The retail stores in West Humboldt Park are good for quick errands and essential items. Mom-and-pop places reign supreme in this west side Chicago neighborhood, although a couple national establishments have made an appearance in recent years.

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West Humboldt Park Real Estate

We have three words for you: brick, brick and more brick. The homes in this neighborhood are primarily small brick houses, lined neatly in a row, with square green lawns and large trees completing the Cleaver-esque look. The porches (nearly every home has one) provide both a display for flower pots and a social gathering spot. Every few blocks you’ll find a corner church. Developers are eating this place up, pouncing on the aforementioned vacant lots, which we bet will soon be turned into some form of housing.

West Humboldt Park is even more residential and family-oriented than Humboldt Park proper, its neighbor to the east, and a smattering of parks and all those grass-covered yards provide ample space for kids to play. There’s still the occasional two-flat, but most homes here are designed for single families and make for ideal first-time property purchases or starter homes. Do-it-yourself-ers, keep your eyes peeled in this area. In between the perfectly crafted redbrick bungalows you’ll be able to find a few lots here and there that need a little work. Who doesn’t like a good fixer-upper?

Although the selection is limited in West Humboldt Park, there are some attached multi-unit housing options. The average sales price for a one- or two-bedroom condo is around $145,000, and a three-bedroom place typically sells for about $184,000. Detached single-family dwellings are much more common in this west side Chicago neighborhood. The average sales price for a two- or three-bedroom is $205,000, while something with a bit more space will run you closer to $228,000 on average.

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