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Since being settled by Scandinavian and Irish immigrants in the 1870s, West Garfield Park has become a working-class neighborhood on the rise. Its convenience to downtown has attracted the interest of business-owners and residential developers, but as of now, the up-and-coming West Garfield Park is still an affordable option for first-time homebuyers, young working singles and families alike. Gradual modernization of housing is slowly giving this classic neighborhood a contemporary face-lift, although the majority of properties here are of the vintage persuasion, rather than new design. West Garfield Park is also embellished with a healthy assemblage of retailers and restaurateurs, not to mention a large number of educational academies that include a specialized charter school and college level institution.

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West Garfield Park Real Estate

West Garfield Park is a modest neighborhood where a complex history meets a hopeful future. Streets are calmer and easier to park on than other Chicago neighborhoods, and a flood of rehabbing has started in East Garfield Park that is beginning to trickle into its western counterpart as well. The modernization is slowly adding a contemporary face-lift to this classic neighborhood. With its proximity to the Garfield Park Conservatory, convenient forms of transportation, and short commute to the city, West Garfield Park is a neighborhood on the rise for young adults and families just starting out.

The residential areas of West Garfield Park are dominated by single-family homes, but also contain a limited number of large condominium complexes and many quainter two- and three-flat buildings. Though there are only a handful of multi-unit properties on the market in West Garfield Park, the average listing price for a one- or two-bedroom condo is approximately $83,000. Detached single-family homes are much more common along these streets. The average sales price for a three-bedroom is around $148,000, although there are plenty of places of this size available for under $100,000. A home with a little more space—and perhaps another bedroom or two—will up the average price to about $160,000, with some real estate selling for as much as $275,000.

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