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West Englewood is a neighborhood on the move and in a state of transition. Transportation has always played a key role in the history of this southwest side Chicago neighborhood, and today is no different. The community's proximity to Midway International Airport and the Dan Ryan Expressway help to maintain its vitality and accessibility. Single-family houses and public parks are plentiful in West Englewood, and the business district along Western Avenue is expanding, enticing even more homebuyers to consider the available real estate in this affordable part of Chicago. Commuter friendly and full of housing options for budget-conscious buyers, West Englewood suits the needs of growing families who desire a home to call their own.

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West Englewood Real Estate

West Englewood’s central location on Chicago’s south side is more or less equidistant to public transportation, the Dan Ryan Expressway and Midway International Airport. Far enough away that planes taking off or loud highway noise won’t be a bother, but close enough that travel will be a breeze. With a good mix of housing options and empty lots prime for new construction, West Englewood has recently seen a resurgence of interest from buyers on the market for a decent size house with room to raise a family.

Ever see the show Flip That House? Well some of the properties in West Englewood are in need of a good flip—that’s not to say the rest of the real estate isn’t in great condition and ready for moving in. The bulk of residential streets in this neighborhood are dominated by 1950s ranches, traditional brick bungalows, one-and-a-half-level houses and two-story A-frames with small yards and private garages. Shade-providing trees dot the area and well-maintained sidewalks run along the blocks.

A handful of properties in West Englewood neighborhood are listed higher than $200,000, but generally the real estate values here fall in a lower price bracket. Multi-unit residential buildings are less common in West Englewood than private detached homes. For the most part homebuyers will find a good assortment of single-family residences that are priced between $20,000 (for a place that could use some serious TLC) to $150,000 for a nice three- or four-bedroom house.

In addition to the neighborhood’s modest single-family homes, there are dozens of brick two-flats and four-flats. Occasional condominium conversions are starting to appear but not at the pace seen in other neighborhoods on Chicago’s south side. Nearby parks and schools and affordable real estate values make this neighborhood a good one to watch for future growth.

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