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West Chesterfield Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know West Chesterfield

West Chesterfield is a small, tight-knit south side community near Chicago State University. The neighborhood boomed after the Illinois Central railroad began operation nearby over 100 years ago, and it has maintained strong ties to the local entrepreneurial business community ever since. West Chesterfield also has a proud tradition of working hard and maintaining safe and stable surroundings for its residents. As the population ages, the neighborhood is continually innovating to maintain its vitality and strength.

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West Chesterfield Real Estate

West Chesterfield is a family-oriented neighborhood of small bungalows, ranches and brick two-flats. The lots along the residential streets typically yield small yards in front and back, flanked by a side driveway that leads to a garage behind the house. While some of the properties are better maintained than others, the homes in West Chesterfield tend to be surrounded by trim lawns with plenty of greenery and wide sidewalks. The housing styles vary from house to the house with designs from the early and mid 1900s represented in addition to newer models bringing the neighborhood into the 21st century.

The close-knit community has developed over generations and many homeowners have watched their children grow up here. Students at nearby Chicago State University live in the neighborhood, as well, which has helped to offset the increasing age of West Chesterfield.
The smaller neighborhood of West Chesterfield straddles the two larger community areas of Chatham and Roseland/Rosemoor. Although the residential real estate market throughout this section of town is relatively similar, West Chesterfield encompasses a combination of property values that reflect those of the surrounding regions. The average sales price for a three-bedroom single-family detached home in West Chesterfield is around $200,000, with some properties selling for as much as $635,000. Larger houses in the neighborhood typically sell for a little over $300,000, on average, but again, there is a span in prices that goes up to the high $800,000s and drops below $100,000—for something that needs a great deal of work to be habitable.

As for multi-unit housing, the options in West Chesterfield include mostly townhomes, half-duplexes, and low-rise and vintage courtyard condominium buildings. The average sales price for a one- or two-bedroom unit is about $137,000, but some end up selling for somewhere in the mid $200,000s. New construction condos are also going up in the area with higher price tags (several in the $300,000s) but most of these units include a garage parking spot.

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