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West Chatham Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know West Chatham

Close to several main transportation arteries and home to a thriving middle class, West Chatham is experiencing a modest boom of affordable housing and development. The bulk of West Chatham's residences consists of one- and two-story houses, traditional brick bungalows and split-levels, with some three-flats thrown in the mix. Eating out in this south side Chicago neighborhood is a casual affair. Residents can order a pie from the local pizzeria or get carryout at the old-fashion drive-thru. The community park, fieldhouse and playlot in West Chatham supply enough green space and recreation opportunities to suffice the interests and activity level of any resident, whether you fancy a game of basketball or want to learn some fancy footwork with dance lessons.

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West Chatham Real Estate

Most of West Chatham’s housing stock consists of one- and two-story homes, traditional brick bungalows and split-levels as well as some three-flats. Many of the bungalows are well-kept and have modest green lawns out front with towering trees edging the property. These West Chatham homes can cost as much as $270,000 for a three- or four-bedroom place, but there are also plenty of options in the low $100,000s. In addition to affordable houses, the neighborhood features many of the amenities that have made Chicago’s north side communities so attractive to both renters and homebuyers—things like access to public transportation and the Dan Ryan Expressway, and close proximity to recreation and entertainment have made West Chatham an appealing choice for relocation. The majority of West Chatham’s multi-unit housing is on Stewart Avenue, 77th Street and Vincennes Avenue. These include older townhomes and low-rise condos with some new-construction modern condominiums planned that will be priced at around $180,000. But for the existing residential buildings, you’re looking at prices between $60,000 and $150,000 for a two- or three-bedroom unit.

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