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Vittum Park Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Vittum Park

Emerging as a result from the aviation industry surrounding Midway Airport, this southwest Chicago neighborhood offers lovely bungalow-style housing and peaceful residential streets ideal for families just starting out and folks transitioning to the city. Vittum Park holds a very diverse culture in its small reaches on the outer boundaries of the city limits. Narrow lots, sidewalk-sliced lawns and long blocks conform to the typical grid pattern of Chicago neighborhoods. A sizeable community park is where Vittum Parkers convene to play a pickup game of baseball, hit the tennis ball around, and stretch the legs on the short walking trail. Inside the onsite fieldhouse, neighborhood children are welcome to participate in sports programs and recreational activities that include day camps and martial arts classes. Go ahead and work up an appetite because Vittum Park boasts a mini-selection of Mexican taquerias, American restaurants and casual bars to satiate your hunger – or thirst.

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Vittum Park Real Estate

Pristinely manicured lawns, well-spaced lots, and wide sidewalk-lined streets shaded by towering trees give the Chicago city neighborhood of Vittum Park a suburban air that has attracted a great number of local families to the southwest side.

Children playing, neighbors holding conversations over fences and American flags blowing in the wind are usual sights in this south Chicago neighborhood. The single-dwelling homes here were mostly built during the area’s housing boom of the 1940s and 1950s and lend a cozy, if ethereal post-war charm to the community. There are a few condominium units for sale, but the majority of the market here consists of bungalow-style homes that have been lovingly maintained.

The quaint redbrick bungalows that are common in many Chicago communities are also a staple of the residential architecture in Vittum Park. But sitting right next to that adorable little bungalow you will often find a very diverse assortment of housing from raised ranches to single-story frame houses to split-levels. Many of these dwellings have garage parking and sizeable yards that allow for summertime barbeques, private vegetable gardens and plenty of space for the kids to run around and expend some energy before trying to get them to go to bed.

The average sales price for a three-bedroom single-family detached home in Vittum Park is around $240,000. Of course there are a few properties listed for less than $200,000 and some are above the $300,000 mark, but the majority of the houses in this south side Chicago neighborhood cost somewhere in the two-hundred thousands. If you need a bit more living space and a couple more bedrooms, the price jumps up slightly with the average sales price at about $270,000. Again, there some properties here and there that will sell for more, closer to $400,000.

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