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A mere mention of the words “Taylor Street” and many native Chicagoans will be instantly transported to their first childhood memories of basil, marinara sauce, and homemade pasta. A destination for Italian immigrants (and throngs of others) since the city's inception, the triangular boundaries of the Tri-Taylor neighborhood are centered about Taylor Street in Chicago's near west side. Tri-Taylor's nineteenth century row houses are a glimpse back in time that still provide valuable living space today. New condo buildings have sprouted up, too, creating a beautifully blended combination of vintage design and modern residences. A far cry from its earlier days when Italian ristorantes ruled the streets, Tri-Taylor offers 21st century conveniences with everything from fast food favorites to Internet cafés.    

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Though it sits in the shadows of some of the most impressive medical and technology educational facilities in the country, many Tri-Taylor homes retain a 19th century dignity and charm. In fact, many of the homes that were built during the Civil War still stand and serve as residences to this day. The most common of these 19th century relics is the row house, which can be seen in relative abundance on Bowler Street and Oakley Boulevard. The row houses, which were built of red brick in the 1870s, are Italian in style and feature neoclassical detail work on the façades and broad Italianate quoins up the front and sides of the buildings. Many of the other homes in Tri-Taylor are two- and three-stories and are constructed with Joliet Limestone.

Like most of the neighboring near west side, Tri-Taylor is a rapidly developing neighborhood that is growing in demand due to the continued expansion of both the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Illinois Medical District directly to the east. To be clear, Tri-Taylor’s star is rising. A historically working class neighborhood composed largely of immigrants, this neighborhood’s close proximity to downtown Chicago and easy access to public transit has increased its profile in recent years. Because of Tri-Taylor’s growing popularity, many new apartment and condo buildings are popping up in the area, creating an interesting contrast between old and new in the texture of this distinctive, triangle-shaped residential neighborhood.

These days, the average sales price for a one- or two-bedroom condo in Tri-Taylor is about $266,000 however, there are units available for under $150,000. And if you feel like splurging, you can find several places in the $300,000 to $350,000 price range. Add another bedroom and the average price goes up to $322,000. As for detached single-family homes, the average price of a house with three bedrooms is $387,000, but there are a few valued at six or seven hundred thousand dollars.

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