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Stony Island Park Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Stony Island Park

Stony Island Park is one of Chicago's many small south side neighborhoods, tucked next to convenient public transportation routes and a major expressway. A plentiful dining and shopping district, affordable housing, and a good amount of new construction make Stony Island Park a neighborhood on the rise. The slew of new residential developments gives homebuyers a broader range of architectural styles to choose from when looking for real estate in Stony Island Park. Many of the modern designs are two-story, brick houses, however, there are still an abundance of classic bungalows and vintage homes in the neighborhood — if you are searching for that antiquated charm.

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Stony Island Park Real Estate

Stony Island Park has traditionally been a neighborhood of single-family homes, but some recent construction has included more multi-unit housing. Still, the number of condominiums and townhomes in Stony Island Park is very limited. A few low-rise brick condos with two to three bedrooms are available. These are typically listed in the low to upper $100,000s and unfortunately do not generally include parking. If you are going to live in Stony Island Park, chances are you’ll find yourself in one of the neighborhood’s attractive single-family dwellings. As we mentioned, there is a slew of new residential development in this south side Chicago community which is giving residents a lot of options for the architectural style and amenities. Many of the modern designs are two-story brick abodes that are priced in the mid $200,000s to mid $300,000s, but it’s the vintage homes that give this tree-lined neighborhood its notable charm. From large bungalow-style houses with stone chimneys and wide front porches to ranches partially hidden by greenery with landscaped backyard patios and lawns. Tall pines, maples and oaks fill in the lots with a dusting of shrubs and flowerbeds, giving the blocks a balance of maturity and new growth.

Stony Island Park was built up in the post WWII era, so you are not hard pressed to find the classic, quaint redbrick Chicago bungalows along the streets. But because the properties in this neighborhood have been so well cared for over the years, homes are full of life and are just as inviting as the day they were erected. While a smaller home (something with two bedrooms) in Stony Island Park may only cost $90,000 to $135,000, there are plenty of three-bedroom places for less than $165,000. Even houses with four or five bedrooms are priced below $200,000, which as attracted many families to this lovely south side Chicago neighborhood over the years.

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