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South Deering Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know South Deering

Pleasantly wedged between the Calumet River and Lake Calumet, South Deering is a culturally diverse Chicago neighborhood that features cozy residential homes as well as an important center for industrial development. Single-family houses dominate the South Deering blocks with characteristic brick bungalows, spacious two-story abodes, mid-century ranches, and standard split-levels. Real estate prices in this part of Chicago are very affordable. However, as redevelopment takes hold here, some property values are expected to increase in the area. A smattering of quick bite eateries and a few local grocers are the bulk of South Deering commercial establishments and a handful of preschool and elementary schools cover the neighborhood's educational needs.

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South Deering Real Estate

Close to both the culture of downtown and the refreshing vitality of nature, South Deering is a place where many first-time home buyers and young families have made their home. The residential section of this south side Chicago neighborhood lacks apartment complexes and condominiums; instead, the streets are lined with detached single-family dwellings. Towering trees shade a majority of this former steel mill community’s streets. Developers are starting to take an interest in the real estate in South Deering neighborhood as brand new constructions dot the area.

Families starting out that need a lot of space at a lower cost will find South Deering a pretty good fit. The neighborhood has a mix of one- and two-story homes, raised ranches, bungalows, and split-level houses. Redevelopment is on the rise in recent years and it is expected that South Deering will see a boost in economic activity in the near future.

In general, the number of homes on the market in South Deering is limited; still, it pays to shop around because there are some nice properties in the area. The average sales price for a two- or three-bedroom single-family home in South Deering is about $120,000 but you can easily find one for under $100,000. A four to six-bedroom place averages around $132,000, although a handful of homes sell for between $150,000 and $200,000.

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