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South Chicago Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know South Chicago

In a community that once buzzed with the heavy production of US Steel (one of the country's major steel manufacturers), South Chicago is a neighborhood rich in history centered about industry and organized labor. Today, these former industrial areas near Lake Michigan are some of the last few fleeting frontiers for development in the city. Acres of land along South Chicago's lakefront have not yet been built up — begging the interest of commercial and residential developers who continue to push south in search of prime real estate property. The neighborhood is bordered to the west by the Chicago Skyway, providing the region with good transportation. Both public schools and private academies dot the area, affording families their choice of scholastic options.

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South Chicago Real Estate

Your home is your castle wherever you live, be it condo, townhouse or bungalow. Whatever your real estate needs, South Chicago is an affordable neighborhood that holds the key to homeownership for many Chicagoans. With market listings that run the gamut, this south side section of town has a wide assortment of modest housing options that caters to folks from local city dwellers to re-locaters planning the move to the Chicago area. Many families are attracted to living in the South Chicago neighborhood. Kids love the private yards where they can play outdoors, while parents appreciate the front patios and garage parking.

The residential streets in South Chicago neighborhood are lined with everything from traditional brick bungalows that have been around for more than 100 years to new construction three-story homes with modern amenities and contemporary layouts. Of course, the price varies greatly from one to the next, and there is a good mix of housing in between as well. Generally speaking, though, the average sales prices for a three-bedroom single-family detached home in South Chicago is around $133,000 with plenty of less-than-perfect houses selling for well under $100,000. A little larger home (something with another bedroom) jumps the average price up to $160,000, but don’t be surprised if you find a lot of properties that size selling for closer to $300,000. Multi-unit housing is less common around here, but the average price for a one- or two-bedroom condo or attached townhome typically hovers around $100,000.

While a good portion of the real estate in South Chicago is well-maintained, there are a number of properties that need updating and decorating. So, if you’re handy, you might just find a project worth your attention in this far south side Chicago neighborhood.

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