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Schorsch Village Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Schorsch Village

This charming neighborhood tucked away in the northwest side of Chicago is brimming with a vibrant and diverse population of residents and restaurants. The shady streets of Schorsch Village are often active with folks walking their dogs, parents pushing strollers and children playing in their front yards. Real estate in the area ranges from affordable, one-bedroom condominiums to million-dollar houses with five or six bedrooms. An eclectic, yet quaint wining and dining scene is all Schorsch Villagers need to enjoy an evening out with friends and family. Schorsch Village is an ideal place to settle for people in any stage of life, whether you are buying your first home or making plans for retirement.

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Schorsch Village Real Estate

When you stroll through the wide, shady streets of Schorsch Village, you see children playing, dogs being walked, and neighbors chatting over fences. This friendly community vibe, so seldom found in large cities, is sewn into the everyday fabric of this Chicago neighborhood.

The homes in Schorsch Village are as diverse as their inhabitants. Detached single-family dwellings in varying architectural styles, with carefully tended gardens and wrought iron fences sit alongside beautiful Art-Deco apartment buildings. Whether you are looking for the picture-perfect place to start a family or a transitional home with some eclectic flair, there’s something for everyone on the tree-lined residential streets of Schorsch Village.

Condominiums in the area start in the mid $100,000s for a unit with one bedroom and one bathroom, and reach up to the mid and upper $500,000s for three-bedroom townhomes with two-car garage. Generally, a detached three-bedroom single-family home in Schorsch Village sells for around $400,000, on average. That’s not to say you can’t find a lovely three-bedroom house for $250,000, but you’ll definitely have to shop around. The price range for larger properties varies greatly in this northwest side Chicago neighborhood, but the average price is around $500,000 for a four- to six-bedroom home. Of course, some of these can cost as much as $1.25 million, so depending on your budget, there are some very nice pieces of property that should suit any type of living standards.

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