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Rosemoor Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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Rosemoor residents take pride in their local businesses, schools and churches. In fact, some Rosemoor families have been members of the community for generations. This diverse, yet tight-knit south side neighborhood is always welcoming of new neighbors and people of all walks of life. Mom-and-pop establishments and traditional Chicago homes are the stability and strength of Rosemoor. Nothing too fancy or luxurious, just a neighborhood of sensible houses with sturdy foundations and comfortable living spaces. When it is time to eat, Rosemoor restaurants are on hand, presenting a choice of quick bites, fast family meals or pleasant places to dine out.  

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Rosemoor Real Estate

No fancy new condos or trendy lofts here. Rosemoor neighborhood is comprised almost completely of single-family homes—with the occasional two-flat or townhouse thrown in the mix. The styles range from brick bungalows to simple frame structures to historical Dutch colonials. Because most of the residences in Rosemoor have been preserved over time (rather than torn down to make room for newer constructions), a walk down the streets is like a walk through Chicago’s architectural history. Rosemoor’s blocks also feature a slew of churches, mom-and-pop businesses and schools, all of which are as well cared for (if not more) as the homes in this area.

The color green abounds in this neighborhood in the form of trees, plants, and freshly cut lawns. Since the majority of homes here are single-family, Rosemoor is full of well-maintained backyards, ideal for children or the dog to run around. The streets of Rosemoor are mainly quiet, save for the casual activity of the neighbors.

In certain sections of Rosemoor you’ll see the occasional that could use a new paint job and a little TLC, but for the most part, the properties in this south side Chicago neighborhood are in beautiful condition with years of life left. Some of the area’s more expensive real estate includes 1950s-style split-levels and two-story homes, some that have been remodel inside to offer residents refurbished hardwood flooring and top-quality kitchen and bathroom amenities. These properties are generally listed in the low to mid $200,000s. There are several well-kept brick bungalows in this price range that have also seen interior renovations to give the older residence a whole new appeal. Remodeling aside, the average sales price for a two-bedroom home in Rosemoor is around $115,000, and for a three-bedroom place in the neighborhood the average price goes up to about $140,000.

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