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Roseland Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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This south side Chicago neighborhood is filled with numerous homes that have great access to scores of excellent schools and plenty of shopping. Roseland inhabitants enjoy lots of public outdoor space and recreational activities found at the various neighborhood parks scattered throughout the residential blocks. Like many Chicago communities, Roseland's properties are characterized by a mixture of architecture and home designs. Split-level houses, wood-frame homes and brick bungalows are most common, with a selection of condos and attached townhomes here and there. Roseland's central commercial area is lined with a good number of shoe stores and fashion outlets that serve just fine for a mini-shopping spree or wardrobe makeover.

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Roseland Real Estate

Like many Chicago neighborhoods, Roseland’s residential streets present a mixture of architecture and home designs. From the quaint brick bungalow to the spit-level house to the one-story with a tiny pillared front porch, the housing options here are quite diverse and affordable. Condos and townhomes are less common than single-family dwellings in Roseland, so the majority of residents enjoy the privacy and space of their own lot. Roseland homes typically have modest yards, but many are without a garage, meaning those of us with cars might have to park on the street. This is never much of an issue though, as street parking is plentiful in this south side Chicago neighborhood.

Due to the economic downturn Roseland experienced in the 1970s and ‘80s, the quality of housing varies from property to property. Although most of the homes are in good condition, a handful of houses have become run-down and would require very extensive renovations to return them to their original glory. But if you shop around, you’ll find a good number of beautifully maintained homes with manicured lawns and freshly-pruned shrubbery.

As with other south side neighborhoods, real estate in Roseland most commonly leans toward the Cape Cod design with a number of those adorable Chicago bungalows thrown in the mix. There are some new-construction two-stories going up in Roseland and a sizable portion of residential buildings have been split into two- or three-flats.

Around here, houses that aren’t in as good of shape (the kind with boarded-up windows) are listed for as low as $25,000; however, you’ll see other properties in the same state that are on the market for double that amount. Places in Roseland that are actually livable still have very affordable price tags with many three- or four-bedrooms selling for well under $100,000. Single-family homes that are well-kept can cost as much as $275,000, but homebuyers will easily find plenty of really nice properties for between $100,000 and $200,000.

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