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Ravenswood Manor Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Ravenswood Manor

Casually referred to as “the Manor” by residents, Ravenswood Manor is a pocketsize neighborhood in the far north Albany Park community area of Chicago. Located on the western bank of the Chicago River, the small community offers a picturesque landscape and a tranquil lifestyle that caters to families who like a bit of space and a home to call their own. Extra-wide lots and beautiful houses, some with riverside property bumps Ravenswood Manor up in value, compared to the surrounding real estate.

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Ravenswood Manor Real Estate

Ravenswood Manor features plenty of the classic Chicago bungalows characterized by low rooflines, second-story dormers and stone stoops leading up to the front door. Most of these have small side yards with a detached garage accessible by a back alley. In addition to subtle limestone accents and elegantly carved wood front doors, these quaint houses provide a comfortable charm that—although similar from one home to the next—is distinctly unique and desirable. While bungalows are widely common throughout Ravenswood Manor, there is also a wide variety of other architectural styles in the neighborhood, including examples of the Prairie School and Victorian styles, and even a few condo buildings. Green leafy trees edge the properties and well-maintained sidewalks line the grid of residential avenues.

In general, real estate values are higher in Ravenswood Manor than in the surrounding Albany Park, partly because of the extra-wide lots and uncommon riverfront property that’s available there. Most dwellings in the neighborhood are single-family detached homes that range in price from the low $400,000s to over a million dollars, but the average sales price for a three-bedroom house in Ravenswood Manor is $612,000. As for multi-unit housing options, there are both older vintage courtyard condos and contemporary townhomes and half-duplexes to suit your needs. The new constructions tend to cost more with listing prices between $300,000 and $550,000 for a three-bedroom place. You can expect to find other condos starting in the low to mid $200,000s.

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