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Pullman Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Pullman

Pullman is an historic, planned community established by an enterprising railroad car tycoon. The neighborhood is no longer centered about the manufacturing business, but it continues to provide residents with comfortable homes and easy access to the rest of the Chicago city. Pullman upholds its unique roots by preserving the original buildings constructed as part of “Pullman Town.” Museum exhibits and walking tours of the streets and landmark structures are even offered, which give visitors a glimpse back in time. Fast forwarding to present day, Pullman provides all the perks of any modern Chicago neighborhood: good schools, affordable real estate, convenience shops, and a pinch of nightlife.  

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Pullman Real Estate

Thanks to the planning of architect Solon Beman and landscape architect Nathan Barrett in the late 1870s, Pullman enjoys a unique uniform design throughout many of its streets and homes. The Queen Anne style favored by Beman can be seen in a number of structures that dot Pullman’s residential avenues. The original 900 rowhouses still stand, many of which have been recently renovated, putting them in excellent condition while retaining their historical charm. They sit along tree-lined lanes and are aesthetically impressive once again, just as they were in the company town days.

Aside from the tightly packed rowhouses, Pullman features other residential structures were built later. Bungalows, ranches, and two-story brick homes sit on modest lots that offer a bit more space (compared to the yard-free rowhouses) and even garages. These two- and three-bedroom homes are ideal for raising families, as the nearby parks are fine places for tiny feet to scamper about.

The average sales price for a detached single-family house with three-bedrooms in Pullman is about $128,000. Two-bedroom homes are a little harder to come by, but these cost around $119,000 on average. Attached dwelling in this south side Chicago neighborhood generally run between $50,000 and $175,000 for something with one or two bedrooms. You should be able to find a unit with three or four bedrooms in that same price range; however, there are a few places that sell for closer to $200,000.

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