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A quiet, chic urban area with zero pretentiousness, Printers Row has seen new lofts, condos, bars, restaurants and shops pop up over the years, yet nothing seems to take away from the literary vibe that was and will always beat the heart of this historic Chicago neighborhood. As you might imagine, book dealers are abundant in this section of town. Rare works, university texts, literary classics and everything in between can be found at these long-established storefronts that epitomize the underlying foothold of Printers Row. Each year, shop owners and residents take it up a notch when the annual book fair closes off the neighborhood streets to welcome booksellers, small presses and literary organizations from across the country.   

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Printers Row Real Estate

We have three words for you: urban, urban, and urban. That's the style of housing that is available throughout historic Printers Row real estate. You won't find any single-family homes, back yards, or kids riding up and down the street on big wheels. Instead, you'll discover a delightful neighborhood of high-rises, condos, rehabbed lofts, and any other housing styles that are conducive to a vertical building. In fact, many of the refurbished residences here occupy old printing plants and publishing houses that have been converted into multi-unit housing.

Though it's in the middle of the city, Printers Row homes hang on to a little bit of a quaint neighborhood feel, thanks to clean streets, large trees and the occasional patch of flowers. It's quite self-contained, too, with a dry cleaner, flower shop, coffee houses, restaurants, a wine shop, a spa and a convenience store. There's even a small square smack-dab in the middle of the neighborhood with a few benches and a fountain. You may see the occasional kid running around Printers Row, but the neighbors are primarily young working adults and married couples of all ages, who can't resist the allure of city living.

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