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Pill Hill Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Pill Hill

This relatively affluent, middle-class neighborhood on Chicago's south side offers spacious homes in a quiet, pocketsize residential setting. Near enough to the highway to allow easy transportation into the heart of the city, without all the hubbub of being right on top of a freeway. Pill Hill was at one time the prime address for area doctors who worked at the nearby South Chicago Hospital (hence the name Pill Hill — as in prescription pills). These days the neighborhood welcomes a variety of residents.

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Pill Hill Real Estate

Today, Pill Hill retains a subtle charm from the days of being the sought-after neighborhood for south side doctors. The rows of houses sit on green lots that are nicely landscaped and surrounded by towering, leafy trees. On a whole, properties in Pill Hill are relatively good-sized and well maintained. The majority have built-in garages (though most are for only one car), and the private yards offer a decent amount of space for gardens and flowerbeds. Backyards are sizable, and most of them are home to large trees that shade the homes and provide a sense of maturity and stability.

Down any Pill Hill neighborhood street you’ll find a considerable range of architectural designs, from bungalows and split-levels to town homes and ranches, with a few condos thrown in for good measure. One-story frame houses with cute front porches sit next to redbrick bungalows with stone stoops. Some sections of Pill Hill even have stately new-construction two stories that bring all the amenities of downtown living to this outlying suburb-like south side neighborhood.

The variety of Pill Hill home styles can be further seen in the pricing. The average sale price for a two- or three-bedroom detached house in the neighborhood is about $164,000; however, there are a handful of properties of this size that sell for $150,000 or less—the low end being $75,000. Some of the newer homes here can go for as high as $280,000. Despite the lack of commercial developments (as the community is a purely residential area) Pill Hill offers much in the way of quality housing and a pleasant place to live.

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