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Parkview Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Parkview

Parkview is a uniquely-shaped neighborhood whose borders form the shape of an isosceles triangle. Parkview is actually carved out of the larger Ashburn community, on the far southwest side of Chicago. Neat rows of quaint, brick homes fill the tree-lined avenues providing the solid foundation on which the Parkview community is built. Private front and back yards is a big draw for young Chicago families.

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Parkview Real Estate

Parkview is an ideal Chicago neighborhood in which to raise a family, as the streets are completely residential and the area is quiet, well-maintained and safe. When living in Parkview, you may still be within city limits, but this isn’t your typical urban community. Sharing a border with Chicago suburbs, this tiny, triangle-shaded neighborhood has more the feel of a distant subdivision than a neighborhood with a metropolitan backdrop.

Neat rows of single-family homes line the blocks of Parkview, connected by broad avenues and wide sidewalks. Behind each string of houses is an alleyway for accessing the garages which are set back from the main structure of the property, giving homeowners plenty of yard space to have summertime barbeques or to let Fido stretch his legs off the leash—provided it’s fenced in, of course.

As you may have guessed, pretty much all of the real estate in Parkview consists of detached single-family dwellings. Where the housing in this southwest side Chicago neighborhood does show some variation is in the style of architecture exhibited along the prim avenues which includes a mixture of one- and two-stories shrouded in a tapestry of exterior finishes. For the most part, though, Parkview homes follow the Cape Cod design. Cozy and low to the ground, they are perfect for young families with a limited number of children—these places may be cute, but they aren’t typically spacious.

The neighborhood also features a number of slightly larger Georgian-style homes, a few brownstones, brick ranches and a small section of new construction two-stories that offer all the latest amenities and upgrades. The price for real estate in Parkview neighborhood ranges from the low $100,000s for an older brick Cape Cod to the mid $300,000s for one of the new model houses.

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