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Oriole Park Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Oriole Park

An expansive eighteen-acre park sits at the center of this green Chicago neighborhood offering a pleasant place to bring up kids, buy a first home, retire in style, or just enjoy the scenic surroundings from your own backyard. Typical mid-range homes and modest lots exemplify Oriole Park, which enjoys a slightly more suburban feel than most Chicago neighborhoods, with gradually curving lanes and street-access driveways. The large, namesake park is a big draw for homebuyers in search of a community-oriented setting with ample outdoor recreation space. Oriole Parkers have full advantage of several athletic fields, a playground and sandbox, a paved jogging trail, and numerous programs and special events offered through the Chicago Park District.

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Oriole Park Real Estate

The streets of Oriole Park are rather distinctly split by the neighborhood’s titular park. The roads to the west of the park form a nice, neat grid of rectangular blocks of homes. The streets to the east of the park wind and weave their way around the neighborhood. Other than how they appear on a map, there’s no real distinction of architectural styles or house size between these east and west Oriole Park roads. They all feature the tall trees and lush greenery that help make this northwest side Chicago neighborhood such a pleasant place to call home.

Oriole Park is a primarily residential area, with little industrial development and few shops and restaurants. The residences themselves are predominantly single-family ranch and raised ranch homes—with some two-story houses thrown in the mix—sporting modest yards and well-kept landscaping. Although they might not provide enough space for that weekend soccer game you planned, the properties usually have nice, older trees and at least enough room to relax and barbeque. And don’t forget, if you live in Oriole Park, you live within walking distance of one of Chicago’s nicest parks.

In Oriole Park there are quite a few options for detached two-bedroom houses in the $300,000 to $400,000 range. Three-bedrooms will raise the average listing price to around $387,000, with a select few valued between $600,000 and the upper $700,000s. If you need a little more living space, and perhaps another bedroom or two, you’re looking at spending $500,000, on average, although there are a handful of larger homes in the $300,000 to $400,000 price range, as well. As for attached homes in Oriole Park, which is a much less common housing option in this Chicago neighborhood, the average sales price for a two-bedroom is about $250,000.

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