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Near North Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Near North

A small section of downtown Chicago that combines urban with residential; couture with cuisine; and Chicagoans with the occasional spotted celebrity; the Near North neighborhood features many of the city's most notable shops, restaurants and residents. The culinary backdrop in the Near North is anchored by a blend of trendy, new hotspots and treasured mainstays. Whether you crave a good ole' burger, or would rather a nice, juicy porterhouse, the restaurants around here are sure to suffice. The Near North is also quite the site for a mini shopping spree, especially for the literary types as there are a disproportionately large number of bookstores in the area. Fashionistas will find their fill of en vogue styles, too, but the real draw to the Near North is its fun nightlife. Many of the neighborhood restaurants double as late-night bars and dance clubs. Once the midnight hour approaches, Near North hangouts heat up.

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Near North Real Estate

We’re not going to beat around the bush as far as real estate is concerned; this is one of Chicago’s most sophisticated neighborhoods. In Near North you have a blend of historic luxury homes, modern condominiums, studio lofts and a slew of high-rises, and the charming residential blocks off the main streets are home to many gorgeous single-family properties that give this community a long-established feel and air of pride.

Three- and four-story brownstones, stately mansions and stunning row homes are positioned perfectly one after another down tree-lined streets, and we can say one thing about this neighborhood: it’s impeccably manicured. There’s nary a flower, shrub or piece of grass out of place.

While you can find studio flats and tiny one-bedroom apartments for as low as $120,000 in the Near North neighborhood, many of multi-unit condos go for a little bit more … as in millions. Although you don’t have to spend six million dollars to buy an amazing high-rise penthouse with views of the water, you can if you want to in Near North. The average sales price for a one- or two-bedroom unit is around $423,000, but for a three- bedroom place the average price goes up to $1.3 million.

Because of the high cost of living in the Near North, the area attracts an older crowd of couples, families and retirees. But as it’s such a happening neighborhood, there’s always a variety of people walking up and down the streets, giving the area a diverse feel.

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