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A clean and inviting neighborhood for people who just can't decide between the suburbs and the city, Montclare has a wealth of restaurants, shopping destinations, and beautiful homes. No need to move all the way out to the suburbs when you require more space or want to start a family, areas like Montclare are the perfect balance of urban existence and small town life. Get the house, the yard, the driveway and the dog (if you want to). The properties in Montclare have room for all. Many Chicagoans with young children are drawn to this neighborhood for the protective measures of speed bumps and traffic circles, common in several parts of the community. You may be protected, but you are certainly not secluded as the main border streets are bustling with major shopping centers and a selection of cafés and eateries.

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Montclare Real Estate

It’s a common dilemma for young city dwellers: You want to start a family, but you don’t want to leave the city. If only there was some way to have the safety, comfort, and wonderful schools of the suburbs without losing the glamour, convenience, and excitement of urban living. The neighborhood of Montclare saves you from having to choose.

The housing here mostly consists of single-family residences. An abundance of bungalows, ranch homes, and Tudor-style houses were built here in the 1930s, and they’ve all been impeccably maintained thanks to the pride and conscientiousness of Montclare residents. Most homes have front and back yards, and in true suburban fashion it is a point of pride to one-up your neighbor’s landscaping (nothing like a little friendly competition). Of course this means that in addition to the beautiful green trees lining the sidewalks, you get to admire your community’s gardening prowess while taking an evening stroll.

Though aesthetics and upkeep are big priorities here, nothing is more important in this Chicago neighborhood than the safety and well-being of the children. The community has added several speed bumps and traffic circles to the area—a project that might be a nuisance for drivers, but makes for a safe and family-friendly place to live.

Although the majority of Montclare residents live in single-family residences, there are a good number of condominiums and even some new-construction townhomes along the neighborhood’s main streets. These contemporary two-bedroom townhouses go for between $300,000 and $370,000, while many of the two-bedroom condos start in the mid $100,000s and go up to $300,000. As for the private homes in Montclare, you’re looking at a range of prices as well. The average sales price for a three-bedroom house is around $311,000 with several listed for under $300,000. If you need more space and want a house with four or five bedrooms, the average price only jumps up a bit to $342,000.

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