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Medical District Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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Located on the near west side of Chicago, the Medical District is a superlative center of health technology and a backdrop for bona fide urban living. The medical facilities around which the neighborhood is situated generate $3.3 billion in economic activity and they are the main source of revitalization on they city's west side.

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Medical District Real Estate

First and foremost, Chicago’s Medical District is where medical technology and the fast-paced health industry thrives. Physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians, specialists, interns, and patients are the majority of the inhabitants in this distinctive near west side Chicago neighborhood. While they may not live here per se, it’s the bustling medical community that keeps this little subdivision of the city alive. Virtually the entire upper half of the neighborhood is filled to the brim with health technology centers, university buildings, parking, and other hospital buildings. A yard of train tracks runs through the lower section of area which is widely undeveloped—perhaps set aside for continual growth of the Medical District’s campus. So, as you may have guessed, that doesn’t leave much room for many housing structures and residential playgrounds like the majority of the city’s other neighborhoods.

There is small zone of single-family homes situated in the Medical District’s southwest corner, and along Roosevelt Road you can find vintage buildings that have been refurbished to provide loft-style living space with contemporary features. Other than that, housing in this neighborhood is hard to come by. The few single-family detached homes that are available are mostly split-levels and two-story houses that start in the low $200,000s and the ones that have been renovated and fitted with modern upgrades and new amenities are likely to cost in the low $300,000s.

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