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Mayfair's quaint residential feel and convenient accessibility makes for a perfect spot for first-time homebuyers and young families looking to embrace the vibrancy of city living at an affordable price. Located near the “Green Belt” of the Chicago River, bountiful verdant spaces are steps away from this northwest side neighborhood. Having ample outdoor breathing room is certainly a plus for any urban dweller, but Mayfair covers all the bases with a delicious dining scene and specialty markets that hail from around the globe. Mayfair residents have no trouble finding hard-to-get items for those less conventional recipes, and when not in the mood to slave over a hot stove, local folks can pop into any of the neighborhood restaurants. The menus here offer something for every taste, from all-American fare to classic Korean dishes.

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Mayfair Real Estate

Mayfair’s demure character shines through its quaint streetscapes jutting out from Montrose and Lawrence avenues (the neighborhood’s main east-west thoroughfares). With North Mayfair boasting its own historic bungalow district, Mayfair takes a less classic yet still appealing approach to its housing character. While residents and families will find much of Mayfair offers no frills living options, the difference is made up for with community charm and inviting neighborhood warmth.

Many of the residences in Mayfair are one- and two-story vintage brick homes and traditional frame houses with comfortable front porches and freshly cut lawns. An array of two-flat apartments and large brick residential buildings also dot the area. Many of these older constructions are rehabbed and modernized, catering to young families who want a contemporary look and clean new living space. In recent years even new model townhouses and single-family homes have made their way into the Mayfair housing lineup.

The average sales price for a one- or two-bedroom condo or attached multi-unit home in the Mayfair neighborhood is around $190,000, with units selling for as much as $285,000. The average price for a three-bedroom single-family detached home is about $356,000, although you can still get a place this size for under $300,000. Add another bedroom and the average sales price goes up to $405,000.

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