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Marynook Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Marynook

Marynook offers a little taste of suburbia right in the city of Chicago. This south side neighborhood is a predominantly residential section of town that provides homeowners with spacious properties and a slightly more suburban setting than most areas in Chicago. Cul-de-sacs and winding roads are a far cry from the typical grid-like layout you see throughout the city. Comfy split-level houses are a stone's throw away from the sprawling, tree-shaded neighborhood park that features several athletic fields, tennis courts and a kiddie spraypool. Downtown commuters and folks heading into the Loop for fun find the Marynook Metra Train station a convenient perk. But anyone who prefers to drive can hop in the car and head over to the Chicago Skyway for a quick trip into the city's center.

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Marynook Real Estate

Unlike the majority of Chicago neighborhoods, sections of residential streets in Marynook wind and curve around the private lots creating a characteristically suburban feel. And, unlike in other Chicago neighborhoods, Marynook residents have quite a bit of yard surrounding their homes, which provides a decidedly family-oriented atmosphere to this little south side community. Lawns and gardens are well-tended here, as people seem to take great pride in their little patch of suburbia within the city.

Marynook neighborhood is really split into two distinct housing areas that offer a large selection of single-family homes. The zone nearest Avalon Park boasts good-size homes with sprawling lots that fan out around cul-de-sacs and even butt up to the park itself for a little extra backyard play space. The other residential areas flank either side of the central park region and provide more tightly-packed houses that still have ample green yards, but not to the level of the park subdivision.

In any part of Marynook, homebuyers will find the real estate is predominantly newer models with some classic brick bungalows thrown in the mix. There are even a few townhomes and half-duplexes in the neighborhood priced from $65,000 to $270,000. For the most part, though, residents in Marynook enjoy spacious lots with ample living space and garage parking. From raised ranches to two-story modern layouts, the variety of housing options here suit a wide range of homeowners. With older two-bedroom houses starting around $90,000, and prices for three-story new constructions going up to $350,000, Marynook real estate is meant to cradle Chicagoans from all walks of life with all sorts of budgets.

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