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Marycrest Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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Situated on the edge of Chicago city limits, the tiny Marycrest neighborhood — no more than four blocks wide and a couple blocks long — has the feel of a suburban haven. Sprawling green backyards and large single-family homes mark Marycrest as a quiet community, perfect for those slowing down or just starting out. Marycrest inhabitants appreciate the privacy and seclusion of their pocketsize residential enclave, which does afford a few daily essentials hard to live without. The almighty corner coffee shop, for example, supplies that necessary morning boost, and a couple takeout joints is all you need to feed the fam on those nights you just don't want to cook.

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Marycrest Real Estate

Marycrest is a somewhat undiscovered neighborhood of Chicago. Surrounded by larger neighborhoods like Ashburn and Wrightwood, and bordered to the south by the suburb of Evergreen Park, Marycrest often goes overlooked. The neighborhood is only about four blocks long and its entire south section is occupied by the Evergreen Cemetery, so that doesn’t leave much room for housing or other businesses. But it is this limited space that gives Marycrest neighborhood such a wonderfully quaint and private community ambiance.

The neighborhood’s few residential streets consist of good-sized single-family homes that are set back from the street and have front lawns, large backyards and decks, and attached garages. Yep, there’s no doubt about it—folks who yearn for the less cramped atmosphere and free parking (and garage parking in the winter, in many cases) of the suburbs will fall in love with Marycrest. It was like this tiny cove of homes was made for those who want a lot of living space but enjoy the convenience and culture of being close to the city.

Most of the homes here are two-stories, split-levels or raised ranches. As you may have guessed, the number of homes on the market in Marycrest is rather limited because there aren’t that many to begin with. But that’s not to say dedicated home-seekers won’t find exactly what their looking for in this tiny south side Chicago neighborhood. As this subdivision was established in the early 1990s, the bulk of the properties are in great condition and provide all the modern amenities and conveniences a homebuyer would expect these days.

The average sales price for a three-bedroom single-family house in Marycrest is about $237,000, but you can generally find one for under $200,000. A four-bedroom place averages around $262,000, although a handful of homes this size sell for between $300,000 and $340,000.

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