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Margate Park Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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An abundance of green spaces and lakeside activities blend with quiet, residential streets to make this sub-neighborhood of Uptown an ideal place for people-on-the-go and stay-at-home types alike. Margate Park is not a very large Chicago community, yet it manages to squeeze in quite a bit of public parkland and recreation spots in its limited area. Margate Parkers can easily ride their bikes and jog along the shoreline, soak up the sun at the beach, participate in volleyball and basketball games, and picnic in the park. Families enjoy the neighborhood's interactive playgrounds and dog-owners are fans of Puptown, the fully enclosed, off-leash dog park. Because of its prime waterfront location, much of Margate Park real estate is highly desirable. Renovated older flats offer a vintage appeal with modern living spaces, for affordable prices to boot. Although Margate Park is mostly a relaxed beach town, Sheridan Road supplies the community with a commercial kick of tasty restaurants, a few shops and a handful of grocery stores.

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Margate Park Real Estate

This residential neighborhood’s tree-lined properties and traditional brick architecture radiate a historic vibe that seeps into every block of Margate Park’s waterfront community. Vintage condominiums and single-family mansions dating from the early 1900s edge the leafy streets. Overlooking the park and lake along Marine Drive are high-rise condominiums and apartment buildings from the 1950s and ‘60s, some of which have undergone renovations bringing back the structure’s original beauty and bringing the interior amenities up to date.

The neighborhood is dedicated to salvaging its historic architecture, which was almost lost due to the post-World War II housing shortage when the existing homes where sub-divided into smaller apartments, damaging the early residences’ original edifices and charm. Renovations have gone far to restore much of Margate Park’s unique homes and early splendor. But not everything in Margate Park screams history—a few modern constructions are mixed in with the older buildings.

Sections of the neighborhood give way to stately manors positioned on sprawling lots. There’s no doubt Margate Park’s grand single-family homes are certainly a prize. However, this prize comes with a hefty price tag—about $1.5 million—and there are generally very few of these properties on the market. Fortunately, the neighborhood furnishes a variety of housing at all different price points. The average sales price for a one-bedroom Margate Park condo or flat is around $170,000, but there are plenty of options for under $100,000 as well. Likewise, you can easily find a higher-end one-bedroom place here that will cost close to $300,000. Typically, a two-bedroom condo averages around $270,000 and a three-bedroom will jump the average price up to about $380,000. And, as we mentioned before, the detached homes around here can cost quite the pretty penny.

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