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Little Village Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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Little Village, or South Lawndale as it was formerly known, is an area ripe with culture. Today it is a predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood, but in years past it has been host to ethnic groups such as Italians, Czechs, Irish, Croatians and Slovenians. These days, Little Village is fast becoming a popular neighborhood for young families looking for quality housing at affordable prices. New condominiums and vintage flats are a big draw for first-time homebuyers, while detached homes and brick bungalows catch the eye of families and folks who like a little more space. The neighborhood's strong Hispanic heritage is apparent in the multitude of excellent Mexican restaurants, Spanish-named stores and specialty grocery items you can get here. And there is no doubt Little Village residents take pride in their roots when the Mexican Independence Day Parade comes through each year, serenaded by mariachi bands and a sea of spectators dressed in Mexico's colors – red, white and green.

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Little Village Real Estate

As in other parts of the city, Little Village has seen a recent increase in the number of old wood-framed homes that are being razed in favor of three-story, eight-unit brick condominium conversions. However, the pace has yet to equal that of hotter residential real estate neighborhoods such as Humboldt Park and Logan Square. For now, the housing in Little Village is predominately two-flats, condominium conversions, new-construction townhomes, and single-family frame houses and bungalows.

The side streets away from bustling 26th Street tend to be quiet, and many of the homes have well-tended lawns that are not only attractive, but inviting. There is an abundance of parks in the neighborhood, and California Boulevard has a beautiful expanse of maple and ash trees providing welcome shade in the summer and an intricate web of pristine snow-covered branches in the winter.

The average sales price for a condominium or multi-unit home with two- or three-bedrooms in Little Village is about $157,000. While there are a good number of condos and townhomes in the neighborhood, the streets are dominated by detached single-family dwellings. Generally speaking, the sales price for a three-bedroom house in Little Village is around $190,000, however many properties are available for less than $150,000 and quite a few sell for between $200,000 and $250,000.

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