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Lincoln Square Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Lincoln Square

This charming neighborhood, embedded within the Ravenswood area, holds a rich culture overloaded with charm, amazing food and a continuing respect for the community's Old World heritage. Lincoln Square is one of those subsections of Chicago that has a distinctive feel all its own. Infused with a Bavarian allure, the neighborhood reveals specks of German culture in its annual festivals and the hearty foods of mother Deutschland (bratwurst and schnitzel). Encircling the neighborhood's main business and entertainment district, which is basically a single street lined with quaint storefront shops and restaurants, are rows of three- and four-flat buildings with a few single-family homes tucked in among the multi-unit brick and stone residences. A vintage movie theater and the city's oldest bowling lanes find their home in Lincoln Square, as does Oktoberfest, where Chicagoans come every year to celebrate their German roots and, of course, drink beer.

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Lincoln Square Real Estate

The residential layout of Lincoln Square circles the Lawrence/Lincoln/Western commercial district. Single-family homes are far outnumbered by brick and stone, two- and three-flat buildings. Still, some homes boast expansive porches and sizeable balconies. Trees are plentiful in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, most rivaling the height of the nearby homes.

A few bungalows can be found along these streets, but the majority of Lincoln Square real estate are two- or three-story structures with multiple units. Check out our Lincoln Square home sales statistics to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

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