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Lawndale (sometimes referred to as North Lawndale) is a historic area on Chicago's far west side. Leaders of industry, musical innovators, and organizers of social change have all chosen to make Lawndale their home over the years. However, the community has seen its share of struggle, from white flight in the 1950s to rioting in the 1960s and de-industrialization in the 1970s. More recently Lawndale is increasingly gaining the attention of neighborhood development groups, interested in promoting its fascinating history and architectural diversity which includes the largest percentage of graystones in the city. Spacious public parks, educational institutions and a tasty roster of restaurants are all part of the draw of this sprawling Chicago neighborhood.

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Lawndale Real Estate

Although it is necessary to look past some unsightly empty lots, Lawndale has come a long way in the last 15 years, as many developers are realizing the wealth of available quality housing and the potential for residential revitalization.

In addition to private developers taking an interest in the neighborhood’s real estate for new construction possibilities, the Historic Chicago Greystone Initiative is helping to provide homeowners of the hundred-year-old limestone houses in Lawndale with the necessary resources to restore and modernize their historic residences. Families taking part in the program have led to a renovation boom in the last few years, but property prices are still reasonable, which makes the area very alluring to first-time homebuyers and young families. This west side Chicago neighborhood is rapidly growing, and new and rehabilitated properties are appearing on the market every day. Younger buyers are looking to Lawndale for good value in a neighborhood on the rise.

Condominium conversions have also been gaining in popularity over the last several years, but few are actually on the market to buy. Generally, the average sales price for a two-bedroom condo in Lawndale is around $125,000, although there are units available for much less. The average price for a detached single-family home with three bedrooms in Lawndale is about $136,000. Some of the bigger places, with a bedroom or two more space, go for between $150,000 and the low $300,000s.

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