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Jeffery Manor Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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Jeffery Manor is an atypical Chicago neighborhood because the curving street layout differs from the rest of Chicago. Rather than grid-straight city blocks, Jeffery Manor pushes the envelope with roads that seem more the path of a suburban community than an urban metropolis. The wide, winding drives create a lot of extra space for green areas, trees and even real backyards (the kind you have to cut with an actual lawnmower). A smattering of new construction homes are going up throughout Jeffery Manor that have attracted first-time buyers and growing families to the area. The neighborhood's solid shopping district and close proximity to major Chicago highways complete the package, making this south side setting a great place to live.

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Jeffery Manor Real Estate

The rambling, curving streets of Jeffery Manor are reminiscent to the sprawling boulevards of suburbia. And like much of suburban Chicago, this city neighborhood is mostly residential with a spot or two of parkland. Jeffery Manor is currently undergoing economic growth and development, which is apparent in some of the new-construction homes going up in the area. Its proximity to downtown and major transportation routes makes Jeffery Manor a desirable neighborhood for folks who want to be on the edge of the city—but not in the thick of it.

The streets of Jeffery Manor neighborhood are lined with a mixture of housing options and architectural designs, most of which are one- and two-story single-family homes. There are quaint redbrick bungalows surrounded by lush foliage including towering trees and neatly-trimmed hedges in addition to the raised ranches with back garages. Split-levels and traditional frame houses round out the neighborhood blocks. While many of the properties in Jeffery Manor are well-kept with regular home repairs and carefully manicured lawns, there are several dwellings sprinkled throughout that are uninhabited (meaning you may see a board or two in the windows).

Although most of the lots offer detached single-family houses, Jeffery Manor does have a number of townhomes and half-duplexes that range from $50,000 to $190,000. The average sales price for a two-bedroom detached home is around $96,000 with some properties costing as much as $143,000. A three-bedroom place will run you around $121,000 on average, although houses this size start as low as $68,000 in this south side Chicago neighborhood.

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