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Irving Woods Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Irving Woods

Irving Woods is a small neighborhood within the larger Dunning community area on the far northwest side of Chicago. Bound to the west by the Indian Boundary Golf Course and the Schiller Woods Forest Preserve, Irving Woods enjoys more green space than most Chicago neighborhoods combined. Winding hiking trails through the deep woods are something you wouldn't likely expect to find in a city setting, but in Irving Woods, acres of trees and undeveloped land are within walking distance of your front door. Nature-loving Chicagoans who love mountain biking and wilderness treks, are starting to move into the area, giving this quiet community an injection of youthful energy and increasing number of growing families.

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Irving Woods Real Estate

Until recently, the quiet tree-lined residential blocks of Irving Woods supported a community of older residents, people who had resided in the area for much of their lives. But that trend has reversed in recent years as the natural cycle of life catches up with the neighborhood’s elderly inhabitants and in turn makes room for younger folks and families to move into the lovingly maintained homes that occupy these beautiful northwest side Chicago streets.

The majority of real estate in Irving Woods neighborhood is detached single-family houses that afford modest front and back yards in addition to private garages. Like in many Chicago area communities, residents access their garages via a system of alleyways that run along the backs of the lots. A mixture of one- and two-story homes rests on these long, narrow plots of green grass, offering homeowners a good variety of architectural styles and comfortable living spaces for singles, couples and families alike.

Your basic one-level frame house in Irving Woods starts at around $220,000, pus there are plenty of the traditional Chicago bungalows to choose from, which can cost in the upper $200,000s to start. On the other end of the spectrum, several large, two-story new construction homes have sprung up in the area, built with intricate brick and stone designs and dramatic rooflines that present a fresh new elegance to the neighborhood’s predominantly simplistic real estate. These houses are more expensive than the typical Irving Woods property, but they often include four or five bedrooms, not to mention luxury features and landscaped lawns. Homebuyers should expect to pay up to $700,000 for these gorgeous new residences.

Multi-unit housing is less common in Irving Woods, but there are some options that offer affordable, well-kept properties that range from older residential buildings to half-duplexes and new construction townhouses. Typically, homebuyers will find condos in Irving Woods start at $135,000 for one-bedroom units and around $160,000 for two-bedrooms. Most condominiums are in low-rise buildings that look slightly out-dated from the exterior, but you’ll discover a number of the units have been remodel on the inside providing upgraded amenities and finishes that are comparable to any rehabbed property closer to the city’s center. On the higher end, condos here are listed in the mid $200,000s, and for a duplex or townhome you’re looking at prices between $270,000 and $350,000. So while the price range for real estate in Irving Woods neighborhood is not too extreme, there is still enough variance to accommodate homebuyers with all sorts of budgets.

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