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Hegewisch Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Hegewisch

This unique and spirited neighborhood is located at the southern-most end of Chicago and offers a charming combination of city and country living. An ideal place for families, Hegewisch is truly a diamond in the rough. A number of different waterways surround Hegewisch, so no matter which way you go there is a lake or river to enjoy within minutes of home. And like a small, rural community, the majority of businesses and restaurants in Hegewisch are found on the area's main street, Baltimore Avenue. No frills diners and classic Chicago fare (hot dogs and pizza) are favorites among Hegewisch locals, and a few neighborhood taverns round out the dining and entertainment options.   

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Hegewisch Real Estate

With historic steel and saw mills, factories, and railroad tracks, Hegewisch is reminiscent of a frontier town that has rolled over into the 21st century.

Hegewisch is a charming little neighborhood with wide, well-maintained streets, small single-family homes, and a decidedly vintage flair. The main commercial strip on Baltimore Avenue, between 132nd and 134th streets has been slickly refurbished, but the entire area is tickled with quaint, shack-like restaurants that pay homage to the neighborhood’s working-class history.

The Hegewisch community has historically been home to steel workers, rail workers and municipal employees, and most of the housing structures reflect this past. The majority of the houses tend to be very small, and most of them were built during the post-war boom of the 1950s. Although the bulk of the housing market here consists of these single-family dwellings, there are some apartment buildings and a large mobile-home community located in the eastern-most part of the neighborhood.

The citizens of Hegewisch take a lot of pride in their property, a fact which is evident in the impeccably maintained tree-lined streets, spotless sidewalks, and painstakingly preserved historic buildings. The area is largely surrounded by wetlands and train tracks, a dichotomy that has resulted in a bizarre island-meets-industry vibe.

The average sales price for a two- or three-bedroom single-family detached home in Hegewisch is around $145,000, with some selling for as low as $65,000 and others going for as much as $225,000. Larger Hegewisch properties are not much more, but the average sales price does creep up to about $160,000.

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