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Hanson Park Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Hanson Park

One half parkland, the other half school and houses, Hanson Park is a lovely little residential neighborhood tucked in between the Belmont Central and Cragin communities that grew out of a single family's farmstead. Nowadays, the center of this small north side Chicago neighborhood is its namesake park which has all the typical park features — baseball diamonds, playground equipment, etc. — however, the pride of the commons is Hanson Stadium. The arena can hold several thousand spectators, but is mainly used by Chicago area schools for sporting events and games. Like many other Chicago neighborhoods, Hanson Park is characterized by long blocks of brick bungalows and frame houses with small front lawns and leafy trees.

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Hanson Park Real Estate

Houses in the Hanson Park neighborhood are exemplified by two-story frame homes, some with lots that are bounded by cute little fences. Others sport tiny, yet highly cared-for front yards adorned with a few lawn ornaments here and there. For those concerned with finding a parking space for their vehicle, garages are out back behind most of these homes, accessible from a system of alleyways. The classic squat Chicago bungalows make their presence known here as well, with their familiar stone stoops and dormer windows peeking out of the low roofline.

Single-family homes with two bedrooms start fairly low, in the $150,000 range. On the other hand, there are houses that go for about $450,000. These gorgeously designed structures are quite sizable, some having as many as five bedrooms. Their architectural style is similar to that of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School with flat roofs and horizontal lines.

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