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Graceland West Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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This picturesque neighborhood is a breath of fresh air in the center of Chicago's north side. Perfect for families starting out, university students, retired couples, and everyone in between, Graceland West offers a tranquil community-oriented home away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, without being too far removed from the exciting nightlife and dining scene of nearby Wrigleyville. Traces of the Victorian era are found in Graceland West's grand homes and sweeping front lawns. Other sections of the neighborhood are more modern with contemporary condominiums, duplexes and townhouses. With such a range of housing styles, homebuyers of all budgets can find just the right place.

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Graceland West Real Estate

Located beside a historic cemetery in the center of Chicago’s north side, Graceland West neighborhood is an idyllic residential respite within the cityscape.

One might expect a neighborhood built next door to a graveyard to be dreary, somber or generally creepy. Well, lucky for us, the spooky factor in Graceland West is virtually zero. Instead this quiet little enclave boasts lushly landscaped lawns and stunning properties that attract a variety of folks who want to settle down in a comfortable Chicago community not too far from downtown and other fun destinations within the city.

It’s typical for the streets in Graceland West to be wide and tree-lined, and depending on which section of the neighborhood you are in, the housing varies from huge two- or three-story manors to small one-bedroom condos. But that is the beauty of Graceland West, the real estate here is a healthy mix of single-family houses and multi-unit buildings, so everyone can find a home to suit their living style.

Along Greenview Avenue, you’ll find a lot of the neighborhood’s largest and most breath-taking houses. Many of the grand residences along this street were built in the Victorian era and are set back from the curb, affording a sense of exclusivity that accompanied the stately manors of the early 1900s. Some of the properties have been split into multiple residences or duplexes, although they have managed to keep an air of elegance and grandeur with high ceilings, arched doorways, hardwood moldings, and long walkways up to the expansive front porches. But for the most part, houses along Greenview are single-family dwellings that can have up to six bedrooms and cost well over a million dollars to purchase.

The rest of Graceland West is dotted with similar grand properties, but in between are more affordable two- and three-bedroom houses that start in the upper $500,000s. Now that is if you are dead set on having a detached home;if you don’t mind sharing a wall with the next door neighbor (like most people in Chicago do), Graceland West has countless housing options that run the gamut in price, design, modernity, and size. Residents can get a one-bedroom condo (possibly with a street parking spot) starting for $177,000. Many of the units occupy vintage courtyard buildings and more contemporary low-rise constructions. On the higher end, folks find very roomy three- and four-bedroom townhomes, half duplexes and penthouse condominiums in the neighborhood for between $500,000 and $900,000. The property values fluctuate with the newness of the structures or whether the older places have been renovated or not. Generally speaking, though, a one-bedroom attached unit in Graceland West neighborhood sells for about $220,000, a three-bedroom goes for around $335,000, and a three-bedroom will cost around $480,000, on average.

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