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Garfield Ridge Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Garfield Ridge

The southwest Chicago neighborhood of Garfield Ridge manages to retain its original rural charm while seamlessly melding urban culture and suburban design. This odd hodgepodge results in an idyllic spot for families, people transitioning to the Chicago area, and anyone who enjoys having a house and yard, but likes to jet into the city at the drop of a hat. With Midway Airport next door, you could jet to any city at the drop of a hat really – but most Garfield Ridge residents prefer to stick to their own neighborhood, which is big on traditional comfort food and friendly pubs. Mom-and-pop bakeries and family-run diners are all the rage in Garfield Ridge, but it's still easy to get a good slice of pizza or slab of ribs whenever the mood strikes.

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Garfield Ridge Real Estate

Quite young when compared to other Chicago neighborhoods, Garfield Ridge is a charming residential area built right around the compact airfields of Midway Airport. We know what you’re thinking—airport?—who wants planes flying overhead at all hours of the day and night. But compared to the honking horns, blaring sirens and other noise pollution that afflicts the city’s downtown neighborhood, Garfield Ridge residents have got it made!

Historically, inhabitants of this southwest Chicago community have been middle-class families with some employment connection to the aviation industry thriving at Chicago’s Midway Airport. Attractive rows of single-family brick bungalows with well-manicured lawns, wide streets, and a decidedly suburban vibe are the trademark of today’s Garfield Ridge. Most homes were built during the area’s housing boom in the 1940s and ‘50s, many passed down through generations and owned by the same families for most of their existence. The houses in Garfield Ridge have been lovingly maintained, as residents of this Chicago neighborhood are traditionally hardworking folks who value homeownership.

Dwellings in Garfield Ridge tend to include beautifully landscaped grounds, with modest front and back yards, adding to the suburban charm that underscores the neighborhood. The tightly-packed blocks are separated by wide, tree-lined avenues with pedestrian friendly sidewalks set back from the street edges and garages are typically located in the back, accessed through an alley, so you don’t even have to cross driveways when walking about.

The average sales price for a two-bedroom single-family detached home in Garfield Ridge is around $240,000. For a three-bedroom, the average price goes up to $275,000, although there are several places this size in the neighborhood that sell for between $150,000 and $250,000. And if you don’t mind spending a little more, you can get quite a nice property with three bedrooms for about $500,000. There aren’t that many multi-unit residences in Garfield Ridge, but the average price for a two-bedroom condo or attached townhome is around $170,000.

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