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Englewood has seen its share of both good fortune and hard luck over the years. Englewood Station was once a stop on the premier New York Central Railroad Line, and had one of the hottest shopping districts in the city. Unfortunately it suffered when many of the once-prominent industries, such as the railroad, left the community. Lately, though, there is a resurgence of interest in Englewood, as developers realize some of the hidden assets of the area, including convenient access to public transportation and expressways, loads of public parkland, and affordable housing. Not to mention free music concerts and outdoor films in the neighborhood's parks during the warm weather months.

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Englewood Real Estate

The majority of housing options in Englewood are single-family dwellings, although there are several vintage-style condominium buildings, townhomes, and half-duplexes in the neighborhood as well. Residents find Englewood’s location convenient for transportation as both the CTA rapid transit and the Dan Ryan Expressway run right through the area. It’s true this south side Chicago community has seen its share of problems in the past, but recently the neighborhood has been on the upswing.

There are pockets of new two-story houses slated for construction in Englewood. These brick exterior homes are similar in style and provide ample living space for families with four bedrooms and a price in the upper $200,000s. The rest of the neighborhood is a mixture of detached homes, many with garage parking and modest private yards. Although some streets are pockmarked with empty lots and abandoned buildings, you’ll also see plenty of well-maintained large two-stories, raised ranches, split levels, simple frame houses, and classic Chicago bungalows throughout Englewood’s residential subdivisions.

And don’t forget, there are lots of great parks nearby, which have been a big draw for families. Plus, anyone who is willing to put a little elbow grease into their home will discover a number of properties that need restoring and renovation, or empty lots that offer the opportunity for brand new construction if you’d rather start from the ground up.

The price for a three-bedroom single-family home in Englewood ranges from $45,000 for one of those fixer-uppers, to $350,000 for a vintage two-story detached townhouse that is in good condition or a newly built property. Larger homes that have four to five bedrooms start around $50,000, but the high end goes up to just under $300,000—again, for new construction residences. For multi-unit housing, prices start around $50,000 for a two-bedroom townhome and go up to the mid-$200,000s for a place with three or four bedrooms.

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