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East Village is a charming, charismatic west side neighborhood that seamlessly blends old brownstones with new buildings, and Eastern European residents with new inhabitants. Modern townhomes and condominium developments have been built next to 100-year-old, vintage walkups, encouraging a fresh generation of Chicagoans to move to the area and make this Old World neighborhood home. Foodies will find the East Village lacks nothing in the way of culinary supremacy and the nightlife is just as full with hip clubs, lovable dives and even a hookah bar. East Villlage shopping should not be overlooked — music, fashion, gift items and any offbeat accessory you could want are all right down the street from your front door.

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East Village Real Estate

East Village real estate is characterized by a slew of brown- and greystones that are at least 100 years old. But the neighborhood is hardly one-dimensional when it comes to real estate. If you can't snag one of the historical homes (a few of which are designated official Chicago landmarks), you can find housing options that range from classic two-flats to Eastern European-inspired, small cottage-style single-family houses, to brand new condos. Modern townhomes have sprung up next door to vintage walk-ups, but still East Village's residential rows maintain a continuity that seamlessly blends the old with the new.

Whatever your housing preferences, you'll likely be settled on a quiet, tree-lined street filled with families, artists and entrepreneurs, some who have been in the neighborhood for generations and others who have just arrived. Regardless, we'll guarantee that they all really love their charming, peaceful and quiet urban neighborhood.

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