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Welcome To East Rogers Park

At the farthest reaches of Chicago's northern city limits, East Rogers Park is a charming neighborhood along Lake Michigan, where architecture of old and new mingle, providing the community's diverse group of residents with both classic and contemporary homes. Beautiful lakefront parks and beaches give the area a relaxing, vacation-like feel that spills over into the neighborhood's laid-back lifestyle. Corner coffee houses, sandwich shops and delis are popular hangouts in East Rogers Park, while fine restaurants, posh nightclubs and a successful theater district bring sophistication and culture to the heart of this sought-after Chicago zip code. East Rogers Park is also home to Loyola University. The active campus and injection of students to the local population instills an energy and youthfulness that keep this Chicago neighborhood on the up.

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East Rogers Park
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East Rogers Park Home Sales Statistics

East Rogers Park Facts

Location: 10 miles north of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: Edgewater, West Rogers Park, Evanston
Boundaries: Lake Michigan to the east, Howard Street to the north, Damen Avenue to the west and Devon Avenue to the south.
Crime Statistics: Go to CLEARMap to search specific streets and areas for crime incidents.
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Then and Now

Seeing as much of Chicago used to be swamp land, what is now East Rogers Park was once marshy terrain with thriving Native American culture. Trails from local tribes, like the Ottawa and the Chippewa, snaked the early bog prairie. Among the early settlers was the pioneer Philip Rogers. Rogers traded with the Native Americans and eventually bought 1,600 acres of land from the United States government. In due course, Rogers children helped to develop the land. Before long, stagecoach routes intertwined with Native American trails and people began to take note of the area established by Rogers and his family.

Between 1830 and 1850, a wave of immigrants from Ireland, England, Luxembourg, and the further reaches of Germany settled in East Rogers Park. Consequently, the Native American tribes were pushed west as a melting pot of American life took root in this Chicago neighborhood.

The Civil War broke out in 1861 and lasted four terrible years. Through this time, East Rogers Park was left relatively untouched by the strife within the country. Then, in 1871 the Great Fire ripped through Chicago. The charring of the city led to building a newer, taller, better Chicagoincluding in East Rogers Park. By 1893 the neighborhood was annexed, becoming an official part of Chicago city boundariesjust in time for the Chicagos World Fair. A wealth of hope electrified the nation as Chicago proved itself to be a leading power in art, architecture, and urban living.

The optimism of the Columbian Exposition carried over to the fresh century as Chicago neighborhoods burgeoned with new businesses and entertainment districts. Four palatial movie theaters were constructed in East Rogers Park with lavish interiors and flashy exteriors. These grand entertainment centers held the imagination and afternoons of local folks and brought new life to the surrounding businesses. Merchants, grocers, and markets kept up with the steady needs of residents as folks strolled through the neighborhood on outings and errands. Up through the 1980s the movie palaces kept the attention of the general public, however, as the theaters dried up, the neighborhood emptied out.

Now in fresh century, East Rogers Park is experiencing a new entertainment and business boom. This Chicago neighborhood is on the rise with the constant construction and rehabilitation of buildings and commercenot to mention the welcome existence of theater groups and a successful universityEast Rogers Park is one of Chicagos newest hip neighborhoods.
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One of our favorite entertainment essentials in East Rogers Park is the beautiful selection of lakefront parks and beaches. The summer sun is a welcome change after Chicagos bitter winters, and theres nothing better than strolling down to one of the clean, gorgeous waterfront expanses to catch some rays before the sun disappears behind the skyline. There are nearly a dozen lakeshore parks and beaches ranging from handsome wild grass-covered adventures to sandy stretches perfect for tanning.

Loyola Park Beach (7032 N. Sheridan Rd, 312-742-7529) has been doling out smiles and outdoor fun to Chicagoans for almost 100 years. It is Chicagos largest beach, spanning eight entire blocks, and includes both shaded green areas and prime lakefront space. Loyola Park Beach got its name from nearby Loyola University and also borrows some of its athletic spirit. There is a fieldhouse, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, and plenty of activities for both children and adults. We come here with blanket and picnic basket in tow to stretch out underneath an ancient tree and have lunch to the soundtrack of birds singing, leaves rustling, and waves roaring.

The inland parks of East Rogers Park are just as beautiful as the beachfront locations. Touhy Park (7348 N. Paulina St, 773-262-6737) covers a little more than six acres this north side neighborhood and offers a variety of activities. Weekly programming focuses on youngsters five years and under, while a wealth of after school programming for older kids (ages 7-12) is available as well.

Pottawatomie Park (7340 N Rogers Ave, 312-742-7878) will give you green fields and recreation aplenty. Pottawatomie is one of our favorite places to play Frisbee or lay out on the grass under the blue sky. It is a pet-friendly location perfect for whole-family outings. In the summer, we love to catch the outdoor movies and concerts at Paschen Park (1932 W. Lunt Ave, 773-262-5871). Paschen also offers after school programming, such as basketball, kid-crafts, and volunteer trash pick-up that encourages children to get active in their community.

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East Rogers Park Real Estate

As most Chicago neighborhoods do, East Rogers Park has its own unique personality. Folks who reside here live in a spot where Victorian architecture meets modern society. The tree-lined streets are packed with sturdy brick buildings, vintage courtyards, and plenty of lush green foliage. The community has recently banned high-rise construction, so there has been a resurgence of rehabbing the apartments near the waterfront that now boast protected lake views.

Residential areas offer a mix of condominiums, apartments, low-rise flats, and two- and three-story walk-ups. A variety of smaller houses and single-family homes are also available in East Rogers Park, all examples of the blend of contemporary to classic building styles present in this Chicago neighborhood. East Rogers Park homes include spacious living areas, great lake views, short walks to the beach, and a quick ten-mile commute to the Loop. And many of the rehabbed multi-unit structures have added bonuses like onsite exercise rooms, tennis courts, parking, and extra storage.

Check out our East Rogers Park Home Sales Statistics to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

East Rogers Park Homes for Sale

Whats on the Menu?

There is no shortage of delicious eateries around East Rogers Park. This is a great neighborhood to discover new and exciting cuisines, with an extensive and impressive range of highly rated ethnic restaurants. So if you have a hankering for Sengalese or want to try Peruvian cuisine, East Rogers Park has what you crave.

Badou Sengalese Cuisine (2055 W Howard St, 773-293-6913) is billed as the best Sengalese restaurant in Chicago. The menu offers a wide variety of amazing options, from the Veggie Boulett, mixed vegetable balls blended with exotic spices, to the Sengalese national dish of Thiebou Djen, with Djolof rice made with Tilapiaeither a whole fish or a fillet. Vegetarian options are listed separately on the menu, and there are many meat-free options available. Diners rave about the high quality, personalized service with many helpful recommendations, that make navigating the unfamiliar terminology much less intimidating, and the end result is very tasty. Another African option, focusing on Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine, is Den Den Restaurant (6635 N Clark, 773-973-4752). Known for the great service and the honey wine, Den Den is a great neighborhood find.

Described as a restaurant in someones living room, Detas Café (7555 N Ridge Rd, 773-973-1505) offers Mediterranean fare with boreks in a variety of flavors and stuffings. A pianist will occasionally be present to offer some atmosphere, and all in all, this place offers an offbeat, slightly surreal, but totally tasty experience. SP Kebab(6806 N Sheridan Rd, 773-856-3755) has a menu that has chicken and pork kebabs in almost any configuration you can imagine. Everything is made from scratch, in-house, and the sauces are amazingly addictive. Diners rave about the Cajun fries, calling them crunchy and fantastic!

If youre more on the mood for Indian food, consider Luzzat (1505 W Jarvis Ave, 773-764-1065). The menu boasts the items you think of when you think of Indian food: giant samosas, Butter Chicken, Vindaloo Lamb, Palak Paneer and Chicken Mughlai. The food is authentic and tasty. Luzzat is also beloved because of their popular BYOB policyand the absence of a corkage fee.

Halfway around the world (but just down the street) you can try a Taste of Peru (6545 N Clark St, 773-381-4540). Peruvian cuisine has been greatly enriched by the human migration that has touched Perutechniques and tastes from European and Asiatic countries have all mixed together for a particularly unique taste. Add the geographical diversity of Peru to the mix, and you have a fabulous cuisine with many dishes youll want to try.

Thai Spice Restaurant (1320 W Devon Ave, 773-973-0504) has a winning combination of delicious food and fabulous service. Praise abounds for the Pad Thai, and this place is also BYOB. Thai Spice has all the ingredients to be your new favorite neighborhood place, and your go-to for Thai take-out and delivery.

For excellent food in a comfortable, relaxed environment consider Act One Pub (1330 W Morse Ave, 773-381-4550). A carefully selected beer and wine menu covers tastes from all over the world, and the menu is sprinkled with American classics and items designed to capture the best of the ingredients in season. The $20 bottomless brunch is a popular option, and live music gives this place a special ambiance.
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Best Shopping Stops

When were not on the hunt for where to get our next meal, we love to check out the shops in this up-and-coming Chicago neighborhood. With so many new boutiques, retail stops, and home furnishing stores popping upin addition to the long-established mainstays of the shopping districtits hard to keep up with them all!

Everybody needs a way to get around town, and Roberts Cycle Company (7054 N. Clark St, 773-274-9281) will hook you up with a bicycle for a fraction of the cost of those downtown shops. South on Clark a few blocks youll find Garys Cycle Shop (6317 N Clark St, 773-743-4201), a great, no-nonsense bike shop that will get you up and running again if you need repairs, or will get you a bike that works for you if youre in the market. The knowledgeable employees make sure you get exactly what you need, and quickly.

One of the more oddball finds that we completely adore in East Rogers Park is Lost Eras (1511 W. Howard St, 888-747-7677). This costume shop is a third generation family business and has two levels that span over 15,000 square feet. Youll find anything from sparkly faux-gem costume jewelry for a wild night out with the girls to the perfect Halloween getup for you or your little trick-or-treaters. Even when theres no costume party or major dress-up holiday around the corner, Lost Eras is busy with customers roaming through the aisles of fun wardrobe peculiars.

If your friends call you Bookie McWorm, youll want to check out The Armadillos Pillow (6753 N Sheridan Rd, 773-761-2558). Specializing in all manner of used books, this is also a great spot to find incense and folk art. The shelves overflow with books, and you can spend a lot of time digging to find your very own treasure.
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Night on the Town

With Loyola University occupying the southeast corner of East Rogers Park, students and young adults abound in this community on the riseall factors that lead to energetic and exciting neighborhood nightlife.

East Rogers Park has a plethora of local bars that allow you to sit around and spend the evening with your drink of choice. Rollands (7545 N Clark St, 773-262-3783) is a friendly sports bar with darts, billiards, and plenty of beer. This place tends to be pretty quiet - that is, unless the home team is losing, then were in for an earful. If you are looking for a bar with Irish flair, Poitin Stil (1502 W. Jarvis Ave, 773-338-3285) is the place to be. Poitin Stil (pronounced poo-chin still) is Gaelic for moonshine. Some of us settle in to the classic can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, while others go for the Guinness on tap. Dont even bother asking for a daiquiri here; this is an affordably priced beer bar where the most complicated cocktail is a Jack and Coke. Theres no kitchen, but if you bring your own grub nobodys going to holler. Sidecar Bar (6920 N Glenwood Ave, 773-764-2826) is a great place to lounge and enjoy a fancy cocktail. Friendly bartenders inspire patrons to new levels of witty, and the cocktails arent bad either!

Not in the mood to cut a rug but still want to hear some good tunes? Conveniently located directly next to the Red Line, the Red Line Tap (7006 N. Glenwood Ave, 773-338-9862) features a small stage where performers grace the audience with everything from jazz and bluegrass to funk. Originally, the Red Line Tap was a not-so-hot dive bar called Roys. Then the nearby Heartland Cafe bought the no frills bar and gave it a friendly face lift, including the much needed stage that sponsors open mic nights and live music. The Red Line Tap has a pool table for the gamers and plenty of space to sit down with your beverage of choice. For us, its the perfect spot for a mellow capper after a long night out on the town. The Lighthouse Tavern (7301 N Sheridan Rd, 773-764-9414) mixes cool and dive in perfect proportions. A jukebox rocks solid hits, and regulars are known to make contributions and suggestions. Welcoming bartenders complete the picture, making this a great spot to hang out for a few drinks.

For the movie lover, you can try The New 400 Theaters (6746 N Sheridan Rd, 773-856-5980). Combining cheap movie tickets and a full bar, with drink specials named after famous movies, this theater is a great option for a night out thats just a little different and unexpected.

We wouldnt be doing the neighborhood justice if we didnt mention some of the untamed options available. Touche (6412 W. Clark St, 773-465-7400) is the bar for you. Having survived more than two decades, Touche is the citys oldest leather bar. Inconspicuous with no large windows and somewhat hidden in plain sight, this charming East Rogers Park gay bar is open until 4am throughout the week and 5am on Saturdays, and invites the wild at heart to come out and play. In addition to your favorite beverage, classic bar amenities are available like pool tables, darts, and televisions. Only most of the time the TVs are playing programming for leather fetishiststhats all were going to say about that.
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East Rogers Park has its own thriving theater district that spans the neighborhood. Established, long-running companies share stage space here with creative start-ups just getting on their feet.

In their small space, the BoHo Theatre Company (7016 N. Glenwood Ave, 773-791-2393) puts on big shows. The Bohemian (hence BoHo) Theatre Company challenges convention through literary innovation by staging classical works, musicals, and original adaptations. Right down the street is Lifeline Theatre (6912 N. Glenwood Ave, 773-761-4477). Founded by Northwestern students over twenty years ago, Lifeline opts for varied billingsanything from adapted literary classics to light-hearted childrens shows. These guys are so amazing the troupe has won over 100 awards for their performances over the years!

If intimate venues and close interactions with the stage is your thing, check out the Side Project Theatre (1439 W. Jarvis Ave, 773-973-2150). The Side Project Theatre accommodates full-length eclectic works with a belief that a hyper-intimate use of space will redefine immediacy in theater. It may be a bigger space, but its still cozy with padded chairs, plenty of restrooms, a concession stand, and over 15 different productions each year.

We credit the residents of East Rogers Park with the prominent theater presence in this area. As a neighborhood priority for many years, the theatre community has been given the confidence and free rein to be daring, challenging, thought provoking and entertaining. The Organic Theatre Company at Kathleen Mullady Memorial Theatre (1125 W. Loyola Ave, 312-634-0199) is a nationally recognized student theater group. This talented group of up-and-coming Loyola student performers put on a handful of shows every year. These on-the-rise actors create a light and exciting atmosphere with a vibrant, youthful feel for every single production. Why not make it a family day with a visit to the Raven Theatre (6157 N. Clark St, 773-338-2177)? The Raven has two air conditioned auditoriums where they house workshops, readings, full-length plays, abridged one-act skits and shows created for children. The childrens theater productions are sure to entertain you and your little ones with tidbits of music, humor, and dance.
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Mark Your Calendar

After a winter of indoor hibernation we feel the need to stretch our legs and find some outside activities, especially when the sun is bright, the sky is clear, and theres a wonderful breeze coming off the lake. The Annual Artist of the Wall Festival (1230 W. Greenleaf Ave, 773-250-3375) takes advantage of the beautiful weather and draws huge crowds to Loyola Beach in mid-June. Average folks and artists of local renown gather at the waterfront to create colorful murals on the concrete rocks that protect the parkland from Lake Michigan. A free weekend-long event that promotes creative expression and the enjoyment of art and naturewe love this neighborhood!

Theres plenty to do in East Rogers Park the following month as well. Celebrate Clark Street (6950 N. Clark St, 773-508-5885) is an annual street fair held between Morse and Touhy avenues on Clark Street in mid-July. The selection of food reminds us of going to the Taste of Chicago, without the high prices and hassle of super long lines. In addition to a mouth-watering menu, the fest holds live musical entertainment and countless merchants up and down the nearby avenues. Its the one time of year pedestrians take over the heavily-trafficked Clark Street thoroughfare and enjoy free rein of the roads. We sure cant resist joining the throng of folks who pour onto the street for this mid-summer fest.

The Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival (6900 N. Glenwood Ave, 773-262-3790) rounds out the summer in East Rogers Park with another street fair held in late August. This neighborhood event is completely free to residents and visitors, and boasts an entire weekend of art exhibitions, live music, street theater, performance art, fabulous food, and artist merchants selling their wares. Were partial to our hometown celebrations, but seriouslyGlenwood Avenue is one of our absolute favorite Chicago street fairs.
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Getting Around

East Rogers Park is definitely not an isolated area of Chicago. Transportation options are plentiful. Of course, much of this culturally diverse community can be reached on foot or via a quick bicycle ride. Then again, there are those sweat-filled summer months, and the eye-drying, nose-running winter season where no one wants to be outside for too longso, in cases of extreme weather, East Rogers Park gives commuters plenty of alternatives.

There are two CTA elevated El trains that run up through East Rogers Park. The Red and Purple lines follow the same route all the way to Howard Street, passing Loyola, Morse, and Jarvis on the way. Getting to the Loop via the El; will take you about half an hour. Another train option is the Metra. The Metra is a traditional, non-elevated train system that reaches into the further suburbs of Chicago. There is a Rogers Park station along the Union Pacific North Line. This train ride will only take about 20-30 minutes of listening to your iPod or reading a book before you hit downtown.

Hey, but if you dont feel like riding a train you could always hop onto the #147 bus along Sheridan Road. Its a quick trip to the Loop. Heck, theres always driving, too. From East Rogers Park all you have to do is hop onto Clark Street or meander down Sheridan Road to Lake Shore Drive and it will lead you directly to the Loop. While parking is plentiful and affordable in East Rogers Park, beware that the prices go up dramatically for both metered and attended parking lots once you reach your downtown destination.
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Schools in Session

East Rogers Park is proud to play host to Loyola University and many other education institutions. Loyola University (6525 N. Sheridan Rd, 773-274-3000) is one of 28 Jesuit Catholic universities in the United States. Founded in 1870 this school has grown to include three campuses in Chicagoland and even one student center in Italy. Students often have internships and coursework within the many city industries and even study abroad in exciting countries like England and Italy. More than 15,000 students attend each year to study in 69 different undergraduate majors, 77 masters degree programs, and 36 doctoral programs. These studies include art history to social work to molecular biology. There are only 14 students to every one teacher, making Loyola University an intense, closely-knit educational experience.

East Rogers Park offers academic options for preschoolers all the way to college-bound folks looking for that perfect university. In addition to the following list, you can find out more information about the communitys schools at our Chicago Guide Schools page.

Chicago Waldorf School  1300 W Loyola Ave  (773) 465-2662
New Field Elementary School  1707 W Morse Ave  (773) 534-2760
Gale School  1631 W Jonquil Terrace  (773) 534-2100
Jordan Elementary Community School  7414 N Wolcott Ave  (773) 534-2220
Lilmer Elementary School -- -- 6700 N Greenview Ave  (773) 534-2115
Loyola University Chicago  6525 N. Sheridan Rd  (773) 274-3000
North Shore School  1217 W. Chase Avenue  (773) 274-5143
St. Scholastic High School for Girls  7416 N. Ridge  (773) 764-5715
Swift Elementary Specialty School  5900 N Winthrop Ave  (773) 534-2695
Sullivan High School  6631 N Bosworth Ave  (773) 534-2000
PACTT Learning Center  7101 N Greenview Ave  (773) 338-9102
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Basic Needs

Heres a list of some of the places to get your daily life rolling in East Rogers Park. Compiled is a list of places to get everything from your freezer dinner to public library books.


Chicago Transit Authority  (888) 968-7282

Emergency Rooms

Howard Greenview Medical Center  1506 W Howard St  (773) 465-0695
St Francis Hospital: Cancer Care Group  7464 N Clark St  (773) 262-8816


V-Tone Fitness  1550 W Jarvis Ave  (312) 929-3125
Vbody Power Firtness  7301 N Sheridan Rd Ste B  (919) 389-2328
LA Fitness  7529 North Clark St  (773) 274-1686


24th District (Rogers Park)  6464 N. Clark St  Front Desk (312) 744-5907
Community Policing Office  (312) 744-6321
Tactical Unit  (312) 744-2662

Post Offices

1723 W. Devon Ave.  (773) 743-2650, hearing impaired (877) 877-7833
7056 N. Clark St  (773) 274-9430


CVS  6150 N. Broadway  (773) 274-9337
Goldensons Morse L Drugs  1407 W Morse Ave  (773) 743-8400
Walgreens  7410 N Clark St.  (773) 743-6784

Public Library

Rogers Park Public Library  6907 N. Clark St.  (312) 744-0156

Everyone needs to relax after work. Here are some of the best locations in East Rogers Park to mellow out and enjoy your evenings and well-deserved weekends. Discover the rest as you explore the dining, shopping, and entertainment options yourself.


BoHo Theatre Company  7016 N. Glenwood  (773) 791-2393
Lifeline Theatre  6912 N. Glenwood  (773) 761-4477
Organic Theatre Company  1125 W. Loyola Ave  (312) 634-0199
Raven Theatre  6157 N. Clark St.  (773) 338-2177
Village North Theaters  6746 N. Sheridan Rd.  (773) 764-9100

Annual Artist of the Wall  1230 W. Greenleaf  (773) 250-3375
Celebrate Clark Street  6950 N. Clark St (773) 508-5885
Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival  6900 N. Glenwood Ave  (773) 262-3790

Angel Guardian Croatian Catholic Church  6346 N. Ridge Ave.
Robert A. Black Golf Course  2045 W. Pratt Blvd.  (312) 742-7931


Unan Imports  6971 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 274-4022
Lakeside Treasures, Inc  1520 W Jarvis Ave  (773) 262-9354
Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co.  7048 N Clark St  (773) 942-6556
Armadillos Pillow  6753 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 761-2558
Roberts Cycle  7054 N Clark St  (773) 274-9281
P&J Footwear  1627 W Howard St  (773) 338-1053


Panaderia Ayutla  6963 N Clark St  (773) 764-9077
Caribbean American Bakery  1539 W Howard St  (773) 761-0700
Sweet Jackies Cake Boutique & Bakery  Estes Ave  (773) 754-0886
Panaderia Evita  1501 W Morse Ave  (773) 338-0256
Penny Pastry  5740 N Milwaukee Ave  (855) 573-6697

Cunneens  1424 W. Devon  (773) 274-9317
No Exit  6970 N. Glenwood Ave.  (773) 743-3355
Red Line Tap  7006 N. Glenwood  (773) 338-9862
Lighthouse Tavern  7301 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 764-9414
The Glenwood -- 6962 N Glenwood Ave  (773) 764-7363
Poitin Stil  1502 W Jarvis Ave  (773) 338-3285
Sidecar Bar  6920 N Glenwood Ave  (773) 764-2826
Jarheads  6973 N Clark St  (773) 973-1907
Rollands  7545 N Clark St  (773) 262-3783
Oasis  6809 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 973-7788
Chuckies  1412 W Morse  (773) 761-7777


American Cuisine
Bar-B-Que Bobs  2055 W. Howard St.  (773) 761-1260
Buffalo Joes  1841 W. Howard St.  (773) 764-7300
Captn Nemos  7367 N. Clark St.  (773) 973-0570
Carmens Chicago Pizza  6568 N. Sheridan Rd  (773) 465-1700
Deluxe Diner  6349 N. Clark St.  (773) 743-9900
Gruppo di Amici  1508 W. Jarvis  (773) 508-5565
Scoops Ice Cream  2356 W. Touhy Ave.  (773) 274-2757
Speakeasy Supper Club  1401 W. Devon Ave  (773) 338-0600
Vinces Pizzeria and Restaurant  1527 W. Devon Ave  (773) 274-7018

Asian Cuisine
Sushi Thai 3  6230 N Broadway  (773) 754-7812
Rice Thai Café  6744 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 338-1717
Summer  1123 W Granville Ave  (773) 761-8500
Noon Hour Grill  6930 N Glenwood Ave  (773) 338-9494
Bop N Grill  6604 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 654-3224

Mediterranean Cuisine
Masouleh Restaurant  6653 N Clark St  (773) 262-2227

Mexican Cuisine
La Cazeula  6922 N Clark St  (773) 338-5425
El Famous Burrito  7047 N Clark St  (773) 465-0377
El Chorrito 6404 N Clark St  (773) 381-0902

Vegetarian Cuisine
Bountys Gate Vegetarian Deli  1527 W. Morse Ave.  (773) 743-7190
Heartland Cafe 7000 N. Glenwood Ave  (773) 465-8005
Den Den Restaurant  6635 N Clark  (773) 973-4752
Masouleh Restaurant  6653 N Clark St  (773) 262-2227
Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant & Bar  7537 N Clark St  (773) 764-2200

Coffee Shops
Sol Café  1615 W Howard St  (773) 961-8289
Common Cup  1501 W Morse Ave  (773) 338-0256
Royal Coffee  6764 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 761-8100
Café Descartes  6451 N Sheridan Rd  (773) 381-7030
Starbucks  6738 N. Sheridan Rd.  (773) 743-0417
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As one of the many diverse Chicago neighborhoods, East Rogers Park offers homeowners a wide range of residential properties. East Rogers Park homes include lofts, condos and townhomes, to name a few. In addition to Chicago real estate, you can get detailed neighborhood information from our comprehensive online Chicago neighborhoods guide. With features like dining, shopping, entertainment, and resources, weve done all the leg work already to make your home search that much easier. Now, when a listing in East Rogers Park Chicago catches your eye, you can read all about the surrounding area and what it has to offer, all without setting foot in the neighborhood. Like a Yellow Pages, Metromix and MLS database all rolled into one, this site is your ultimate Chicago neighborhoods visitors guidebook.
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