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Picturesque gardens and organic produce markets cross paths with vintage graystones and soul food restaurants in this long established - and now re-established - west side Chicago neighborhood. East Garfield Park is probably best known for the Garfield Park Conservatory which is one of the largest in the U.S. Like taking a step into another hemisphere, the conservatory is your ticket to a lush tropical climate with 30-foot palm trees and fragrant orchids, even in the dead of winter. The rest of the 185-acre park transports visitors to a fashionable Parisian-inspired commons with grand promenades, large ponds and landscaped grounds. On the restaurant front, East Garfield Park is a jackpot of American cuisine with a twist of southern cooking thrown in. Red hots, hamburgers and fries, fried fish and chicken, macaroni and cheese, submarines, peach cobblers and any other comfort food you can think of. For a taste of East Garfield Park's retail business just head over to Madison Street for the best shopping stops.

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East Garfield Park Real Estate

The residential streets of East Garfield Park are quite diverse in housing options and styles. Like many typical Chicago neighborhoods, the blocks stick to the standard grid layout where homes are flanked by wide sidewalks in the front and by narrow alleyways in the back, sneaking in a bit of yard space in between. Trees surround many of the lots, alluding to the region’s long-established nature, and the mixture of single-family home designs and a multitude of multi-unit residences (many built of redbrick) characterize the community’s solid, family-oriented appeal.

Traditional urban living abounds in East Garfield Park—vintage mid-rise condominiums intermingle with the neighborhood’s small frame houses and classic bungalows. The wide avenues are tightly-packed with properties and a sense of closeness with your neighbors is strong throughout. But the vast open green space of Garfield Park provides residents with a little extra breathing room to balance out the close-quarters of the big city lifestyle.

While many of the residential buildings in East Garfield Park are older, their interiors have oftentimes been rehabbed with granite kitchen counter tops, hardwood flooring, fresh paint, new appliances and other upgraded amenities. So, the neighborhood keeps its old-school vibe while providing homeowners with the modern, updated features and living space they desire. For the most part, a one- or two-bedroom attached condo in East Garfield Park starts at around $135,000, with some three-bedroom properties available for as low as $155,000. These prices afford very nice real estate for first-time buyers with plenty of room to raise a family, but if you want to spend more, this west side Chicago neighborhood has countless listings for condos, townhomes and half-duplexes that can reach into the upper $300,000s and low $400,000s.

As for detached single-family residences in the area, there are a select few grand Victorian-age estates still standing that make up the neighborhood’s most expensive real estate. The stone manors are over a century old and offer the elegance of existence in Chicago’s prime era of expansion and prosperity. However, to find one of these vintage homes as a private dwelling (as opposed to divided up into flats) is rare and holds a price tag in the upper $800,000s. Other single-family houses in East Garfield Park are reasonably priced and are more contemporary in design and everyday comforts. On the high end, these three-bedroom homes are listed in the mid to upper $400,000s, but the neighborhood offers homebuyers a slew of properties—some modern in construction and others vintage—for a moderate price. Generally speaking, you can get a three- or four-bedroom for under $400,000, with most in the $175,000 to $350,000 price range.

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