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East Chicago Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know East Chicago

East Chicago boasts the beautiful Calumet Park on Lake Michigan and its very own forest preserve. A smattering of commercial development and a suburban-like residential atmosphere provides the groundwork for a solid neighborhood in the process of growing its economic base. In classic Chicago style, the East Chicago community embraces its vintage bungalows and small frame houses which afford good, sturdy homes and comfortable living space. A hearty restaurant corridor includes all the essentials with a concentration of Mexican taquerias, pizzerias and fast food favorites.

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East Chicago Real Estate

Set away from the active lifestyle of Chicago’s busy downtown streets, the atmosphere in East Chicago neighborhood is more that of a suburban locale where folks slow down just enough to take in the scenery and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

A wide variety of housing styles line the residential blocks of this south side community, from vintage Chicago bungalows that are over 100 years old to Cape Cods built in the 1950s. Small frame houses are tightly packed into rows along the neighborhood’s long side streets with towering trees shading the rooftops from the harsh sunrays. While there are quite a few single-family homes in East Chicago listed in the low- to mid-$100,000s, there are a good number of properties valued between $225,000 and $335,000 that are brand new, or in quite nice shape and offer homeowners are bit more space. The average price for a two- or three-bedroom detached single-family home in East Chicago is $155,000, but a three-bedroom, two-bath place might cost closer to $200,000.

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even have a forest in your backyard, as some homes are across the street from Eggers Woods Forest Preserve. Most East Chicago homes also have the added advantage of off-street or garage parking. With a good number of duplexes in this Chicago neighborhood, you can also try your hand at being a landlord: live in one unit and rent out the other. Not a bad way to pay for the mortgage.

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