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This northwestern Chicago neighborhood is brimming with history, greenery, and beautifully maintained homes offering an idyllic spot for families, college students, young working adults and everyone in between. Sharing borders with Chicago's suburbs, the Dunning community holds a rather tranquil lifestyle. Much of that peace and quiet is attributed to the fact that Dunning is edged to the east by several city cemeteries. Acres of uninterrupted green space buffer the neighborhood from traffic, new development and other big city noise. While Dunning's core is strictly residential, you only have to go five blocks in any direction (except east that is) to find a corner café, friendly bar and grill, or a family restaurant.

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Dunning Real Estate

This northwestern Chicago neighborhood has middle-class written all over it. With an abundance of single-dwelling residences, open green space, and family-oriented businesses, Dunning is an idyllic sanctuary to raise a family, buy your first home, or settle down for retirement.

Property values in Dunning neighborhood range from the low $100,000s to the upper $600,000s with a wide variety of housing options, from condos to brick bungalows to new-construction homes. Well-maintained streets lined with mature trees cast a suburban air, but residents like that even with these serene surroundings, they are still part of Chicago city living.

Modern split-levels, raised ranches and two-story houses are all common in Dunning. Houses are close together, but neighbors tend to be sociable, so no one seems to mind the close quarters. Besides, most residences have separate yards with fences and back-alley garages, so you still have your own space, in case you want a little privacy from that overly-outgoing next door neighbor.

With Wright Junior College and the Chicago-Read Mental Health Center so close by, many students and medical personnel choose to make this cozy neighborhood their home. The presence of several sizable cemeteries and two large city parks make for an abundance of open space, greenery, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Maybe it’s this extra oxygen that makes Dunning residents so friendly and laid back!

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